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How he tripled the number of conversions and the cost of a lead to $ 8 per month for a developer company.

In October 2020, a company that developed residential high-rise buildings contacted me.
The reason for the change of contractors was that the cost per lead was too high and unprofitable. Also, the traffic was not fully targeted.

The statistics were analyzed and a detailed media plan was prepared – indicating the planned number of conversions and the average cost per lead.

Developer case

At the start, we identified the goals of further work:


  • attract target customers;
  • ensure the maximum number of leads;
  • keep the cost per lead at $ 18.

The main difficulty in the project was to define the target audience and exactly get into its “pain”.

We analyzed competitors – advertising messages and visual creatives. Prepared technical specifications for the development of banners and started to optimize the account.

It was decided to launch dynamic remarketing, for which a feed was prepared and an advertising campaign set up in Google Ads.

Also, we have defined the following advertising tools for this project:

  • Google Search Campaigns
  • Display network for relevant audiences
  • Launching video ads
  • Facebook and Instagram remarketing
  • Interest Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Developer case

What was done:

  • selection of target audience:
  • revised semantics – left relevant and expanded
  • optimized campaigns for the region, city districts and regions, streets
  • development of relevant creatives (for example, if this is a creative for a mortgage, then we offer payment in installments from the developer);
  • chose a remarketing audience – 60 and 180 days, because the term for making a decision in real estate can be long;
  • set up campaigns with the goal of “Conversion” and monitored the results daily;
  • excluded ineffective placements in each group (specifically in the group, since the point methodical approach gives the best results, but not immediately);
  • disabled ineffective groups (if the group was ineffective in the context of each placement – high cost per lead, high costs and no leads);
  • used targeted audience settings on Facebook – by interests, looklike.

During the first month of work, many targeting hypotheses were tested – display region by streets, districts, interests – real estate, mortgages, business owners, real estate investments, realtors, etc.

In the process of work, there were such difficulties:

There was no way to get instant results, because the point approach works for the future. Moreover, this method allows you to minimize the risks of missing users who could be effective;
A temporary increase in the cost of a lead, which was associated with changes in the campaign, changes in creatives for Black Friday.

As a result of a targeted study of placements, semantics, interests of the target audience, the following results were achieved:


  • managed to keep the cost per lead at $ 18;
  • after careful optimization, it turned out to reduce the cost of a lead to $ 8;

On the graph, we can see how the cost and number of leads have changed since the launch of the campaign.

After successful optimization, the number of leads tripled, and the cost per lead dropped to $ 8.

Developer case


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