According to research carried out by the international company TNS, every fifth person on earth uses mobile applications, so advertising in them is one of the most effective ways to spend money on promoting their services and products.

Advertising in mobile applications will be effective if you create a new advertising campaign. This task can be assigned to our agency. Thanks to our experience and a systematic approach, we guarantee the result in the shortest possible time.

Advertising placement using mobile applications

First, you need to decide on the applications themselves that will be of interest to a specific target audience. To do this, you can look at the sites that competitors use. There are various applications: maps, games, markets, services for listening to music, etc. Most of them allow you to place ads using special aggregator networks, with some you need to negotiate directly.

The standard format for advertisements in mobile phone apps is texts and banners. Contextual advertising is also possible in mobile applications. They have their own display scenarios and formats that we consider when setting up ads. Our experts will help you develop an individual media plan, taking into account the specifics of the product and a specific target audience. You can order advertising in mobile applications on the website or call the contact phone.

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