Website development from scratch is always a costly process in terms of finances, efforts and terms.

But when it is ready, a second wind opens and you want the resource to immediately start making a profit.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple!

Very often, when developing, the requirements of search engines for further SEO promotion of a new site are completely ignored.

What is it fraught with:

  • the structure developed may not be competitive;
  • there is no way to expand the range of traffic for low-frequency requests;
  • it is inconvenient for the user to navigate the site, and the search engine robots in Google and Yandex incorrectly index, or may not index the pages that are important to us at all;
  • a lot of time is spent on the formation of unique snippets and part of the traffic is lost for certain language requests;
  • and about 30 more unaccounted for technical requirements.

The most important moment, when the development is just completed, is the opening of a new site for the index.

It is at this stage that it is not too late to involve an SEO specialist in order to conduct an audit and check the compliance of the resource with the requirements of search engines.

We value our clients and work for results. That is why we do not start promoting until we are convinced (conduct a technical audit) that the site meets the requirements. Only on condition of a technically ready resource, we take responsibility for the results of promoting a new site in search engines.

You can order promotion in google and yandex using the forms below.

P.S. Even at the stage of acquaintance, we provide a short audit with an indication of the shortcomings in the technical part.

Check out the reviews of our clients and cases, and if you have any questions, we are always ready for dialogue.

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