Development and implementation of digital marketing strategies for B2B manufacturing companies
We provide services according to the standards of the European Marketing Confederation.
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We do business in accordance with EMC and NIMA industry standards

Founder of the studio: graduate of the Kharkov National Aerospace University. He worked as the head of the aviation metalworking shop for more than 6 years, a staff of 50 people, 5 coordinate processing machines. Therefore, we know what production is!

A well-developed strategy is about 250 pages long.
We conduct in-depth analysis of competition
We channel advertising funds into concrete sales
We offer a marketing system that really works
A systematic methodology based on long-term experience and training with IT market leaders.
Orientation towards sales growth, not just traffic boosting, understanding a site’s usability.
Implementation of end-to-end analytics, a CallTracking call accounting system, CRM.
Responsibility, decency, transparency of cooperation, lightning-fast implementation, reasonable prices.
We learn from market leaders – official NIMA representatives (European Marketing Confederation). NIMA incorporates Phillips, TNS, Ogilvy, Unilever, P&G, IMB, BMW, Heineken, Danone, Campina, Radobank, Shell, Pfizer and others. NIMA is a member of EMC (European Marketing Confederation), which includes more than 250,000 professionals from Europe.
Permanent nice bonuses!
Advanced tools for search engine and targeted advertising:

Customizing ads so that they generate sales, not clicks

Think how nice it would be not to pay for idle conversions! Regardless of how much people click your ads or how often your site has been viewed, you will pay only when a visitor orders a product or service

3-5 times CPC reduction + return of site visitors

Show customers your products with photos and prices directly during the search. Do not expect sales after the first visit to the site! Warm up your customer. Remarketing delivers up to 80% of bid growth

Automated reporting with key indicators

Clear and accessible reports are an article of pride with us! The client can log into the system at any time, refresh the data and get all the key numbers for the advertising campaign
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Stanislav Pirohov
Studio founder, marketer
We use advanced methods that give you an edge over competition. The Internet market is extremely volatile, so you should always be a step ahead of the game.
In the most successful projects, we managed to increase KPI to 800% and achieve a return on investment of more than 2800%
Our own YouTube channel with useful information
Head of SEO Department
We develop effective SEO-strategies
We realize high-quality external promotion
We fill the site with expert content
We provide detailed reporting
Head of PPC Department
We develop 100% effective strategies
We implement Call Tracking
Customizing pay-per-sale ads, not clicks
We introduce automated reporting
Niches we specialize in:
  • SPA, beauty salons, massage
  • Vehicle showroom promotion
  • Veterinary services
  • Visas
  • Haulage
  • Medical services
  • Interior design, curtains fabrication
And many others...
On-line stores
  • Auto parts
  • Medical equipment stores
  • Beauty care
  • Gadgets
  • Baby products
  • Electric and pneumatic tools
  • Computers, laptops, tablets
And many others...
How we defeated the seasonal sales slowdown for B2B segment
How we managed to increase a garment factory's income 73-fold
Sell or bust: a computer hardware and gadget store.
How we tried and failed to teach advertising with 1029% ROI
How we combined digital and offline marketing for business and increased conversion by 5.5%
How we increased the number of orders for a medical equipment store by 48%
Hit the jackpot: Repair of premises
Residential park developer
Construction of houses and cottages
Ad astra per aspera: overseas employment
New product promotion: Harrison Assessments
Household goods store
We SEOed it: a US auto parts on-line stores
We SEOed it: a brand shoes on-line stores
We SEOed it: climate control equipment of a German company
How we are working
We work under a contract and provide access to all advertising profiles.
We love our job, so we are always eager to learn and follow trends.
All communication takes place in a CRM system, which is very convenient for both parties.
We plan our work in such a way as not to create any overloads.
We are always online, and you can count upon prompt communication.
Every customer is special, and we always put our hearts into the work.
They trust us with their marketing:

Promotion of B2B companies around the world

B2B Internet promotion — is a systematic approach to increasing demand, improving customer awareness, boosting sales and reaching other business-specific objectives.

Pirogov.Marketing agency delivers synergy of all digital instruments for promoting off B2B websites. . Your company’s performance improves both online and offline!

Based on the international industry standard NIMA of world promotional experts, we have developed our own methodology for step-by-step industrial marketing. Among other things, our specialists in particular fields will help businesses to achieve full Internet presence and get tangible benefits from it.

We develop a unique B2B Internet promotion strategy for every company we work with,tailored to the characteristics of the product or service in question. This way you get concrete and effective solutions for your niche and competitive environment, not one-size-fits-all advice or premade strategies.

Working with us, you will receive tactical suggestions grounded in business analytics and see results confirmed by numbers. We also provide the step-type reports for work having been completed. This will allow you to always be sure that you are not just paying bills for the services, but investing with a profit for your company!

Would you like to know how we can help you with B2B promotion in depth? Check out our video tutorials and case studies. We are online and ready to answer all your questions!

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