Case to promote the construction of swimming pools

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Keys to promote the construction of swimming pools:

From contextual advertising:
– Income 1,973,548 USD.
– Budget 45,895
– Hits 7913
– Applications 142
– Order price 322
– ROI of 4200%

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Before proceeding directly to work on attracting targeted traffic to the site, whether it be advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or SEO promotion, there is still a long preparation for the project, namely:
● Filling out the brief
● Clarification of project details
● Determining the target audience of the client
● Segmentation of the target audience
● Determination of USP for each segment
● Building a preliminary Customer Journey Map
● Preliminary analysis of competitors
● Determining the positioning of the company
● Determination of market size and seasonality of demand
● Determination of goals and metrics of advertising campaigns (Reach, engagement, behavioral indicators, requests / conversions / sales)
● Preparation of a media plan
● Testing the functionality of the main functions of the site (forms, shopping cart, etc.)
● Defining landing pages
● Checking the processing of get parameters
● Preparation of technical specifications for a project to implement the installation of the necessary codes, the formation of feeds, etc.
● Verification of the implementation of TK

Configuring analytics systems
● Installing a GTM container with codes for the required metrics, advertising and analytical services
● Setting up tracking of targeted actions (conversions, transactions, CallTraking)
● Connection between Google Analytics (Yandex Metrics, webvisor) and advertising cabinet
● Setting up filters
● Import of conversions from Google Analytics to the ad account
● Preparation of a specification for the implementation of UTM tags (if necessary)
● Setting up alerts in Google Analytics for changes in traffic, conversions, transactions, etc.

And after all this, the direct work begins on setting up advertising offices. You can find a detailed list of works in the service menu on our website.


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    Case to promote the construction of swimming pools
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    Case to promote the construction of swimming pools
    Case to promote the construction of swimming pools