Setting up dynamic ads in search is a good tool for attracting customers. It is performed in accordance with user search queries. This method will not only complement the usual ads with good keyword targeting, but also help you get a large number of clicks and conversions.

Benefits of using dynamic search ads

Dynamic Search Ads can drive additional traffic, including new buyers. Other advantages of the method include:

  • Saving time – there is no need to specify keywords separately, to write new texts separately for each of the goods.
  • Relevant titles for received ads. When you enter a specific search query, an ad is created with this title, and a landing page is selected for it.
  • All URLs that are displayed are generated based on the domain of the final URL. In other words, you don’t need to enter URLs manually, the system will pick them up by itself.
  • Ease of management, allowing you to display ads for individual pages of the site, sections. You can also turn off ads for currently missing products.

Dynamic search ads are a reliable selling tool. You can order customization in the search for dynamic advertising in our agency and it will start working right now.

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