CCM is a display network. The direct purpose of promotion in the KMC is to increase brand awareness. Many people think that if a campaign does not bring direct conversions, then it is useless, but it is not. It is important to pay attention not only to direct, but also to targeted actions for impressions, associated conversions. Participation in the chain of conversion actions is also important, because without displaying contextual advertising on the display network, there could simply be no direct achievement of the goal.

Based on the results of the experiment (they disabled impressions in google kms), this is what happened:

  • the number of conversions fell by 10%;
  • their value increased by 5%;
  • decreased income by 8%;
  • there was less brand traffic by 15%;
  • fewer visits by an average of 7%.

We would like to note that such a drop in indicators was observed not due to a decrease in demand for the product. There were no correlating factors that could contribute to the deterioration in performance.

Why could this happen?

Everything is very simple. There were users who could first learn about a brand or product through the media network, get interested and go to look for a store or product through the search network. Due to the fact that the context in the cms was turned off, the user did not see a display banner, he did not recognize that there was a store or a product that could be of interest to him, he did not go to look for it and place an order. Moreover, these customers could simply order from competitors who seemed to the user with an interesting offer for him.

What will happen now?

If you just realized that neglecting banner advertising is losing precious customers, then it’s time to order its setting in the KMS.

You can try to do it yourself, but before you start, answer yourself the following questions:

  • Are you familiar with Google Display Tools?
  • What are the differences between the “Smart” CCM and the standard one?
  • what caused the choice of a bidding strategy?
  • do you know the difference between audience types?
  • Do you understand how “themes” work?
  • do you know what placements are?
  • What metrics should you focus on when excluding placements?

If the answers to some of the questions were negative, we recommend contacting our agency Pirogov Marketing. You need to trust professionals, because launching campaigns without expertise in setting up and optimizing display media advertising can lead to ineffective spending.

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