Before you start programming the site, you need to understand for yourself:

  • Why do we need it – what goals will the creation of a new resource help achieve.
  • Who will use it – the characteristics of their target audience.
  • How to do it correctly technically so that everything is ready for active promotion.

To understand all this, it is important even at the preparatory stage (before writing the code directly), to involve an expert in the field of SEO promotion.

After all, it is he who will help to find out and determine the primary requirements for the resource, form the structure of the site, build a long-term promotion strategy, prepare a media plan to strengthen categories, fill them with content and attract traffic.

Why is it important to implement these works before directly starting the process of creating a resource?

If we talk about long-term planning and goal setting, the most important and basic is profit.

In order for the product to bring profit regularly and for a long time, at the first stage of its creation, you need to clearly understand the niche, competitors, target audience, and search engine requirements.

Only taking into account all these factors of influence, you can create a worthy and competitive resource. And this will save money on development and project delivery time.

By connecting an SEO specialist before starting software work, you will receive:

Detailed analysis:

  • the company’s business and market segment;
  • CA:
    • who is the user,
    • which region to promote,
    • the main reasons for the acquisition,
    • how to increase income.
  • competitors:
    • analysis of site positions,
    • evaluation of external link mass,
    • coverage of the semantic core,
    • % organic traffic,
    • dynamics of purchasing external links,
    • text and visual content,
    • elaboration of the structures of competitors’ sites,
    • determination of competitive advantages (forms of capture, blocks, chatbots, etc.).
  • identifying business goals.

Site structure and content:

  • collection of the semantic core based on:
    • competitors in a niche,
    • queryability in the search network.
  • structure development;
  • distribution of search queries across pages;
  • preparation of the metadata template;
  • preparation of technical specifications for writing texts:
    • grouping of keywords,
    • formation of LSI requests,
    • formulation of requirements.

Formed SEO requirements for programmers:

  • drawing up a requirements file,
  • consulting support of implementation,
  • control check before opening for indexing.

Media plan for six months:

  • coordination of the KPI of the project,
  • traffic forecast,
  • budget estimate for link building.

All this will help create a high-quality resource, ready for active promotion already at the opening stage to the index. The need to overpay for constant technical improvements and getting under the search engine filters for content uniqueness disappears. from the day it opens, it will rank and generate leads and income.

If you have plans to make a new website, then do not waste time and contact our managers. We will help you understand all the nuances of SEO promotion at the development stage.

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