Service is a professional activity that aims to meet needs by providing certain benefits. To take a confident position in the service market and offer what the target audience needs, you need the right marketing strategy for promoting services.

Features of integrated marketing in the service sector

The basis for developing a marketing strategy for services is the so-called marketing mix or a set of marketing tools. A marketing complex for promoting a business in the service sector is a set of targeted basic decisions that result from market assessments, the company’s real position and the company’s capabilities. It includes commodity (grocery), pricing and sales policies. The correct promotion strategy in the service market pursues the following goals:

  • Increasing customer loyalty to the company and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Improving the quality of service, which will contribute to the growth of competitiveness.
  • Expanding the range and increasing market share.
  • Ensuring growth in the profitability of the production of services.
  • Correctly set goals will form the basis for developing a marketing strategy for promoting services.

Marketing strategies in the service market

There are 4 main types of strategy:

  • penetration (entry) to the market (relevant if the company has technical or production unique advantages that will help increase its presence and market share).
  • development of new areas and markets (search for new opportunities for the implementation of services).
  • development and implementation of new services in existing markets (ideal option for expanding the range of the company).
  • diversification – expansion of services in new markets (suitable for a large company).

Our experts will help you choose and develop an effective strategy aimed at promoting your services. We always focus on the client’s business goals and give recommendations on how to effectively develop the business.

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