SEO optimization and website promotion

seo продвижениеWe have been delivering SEO website promotion in Google and Yandex for more than 7 years. We have managed to prop more than 220 projects up to Top 10 and Top 5 for a variety of key phrases in competitive and narrow niches. The main goal for us is to ensure a good flow of real customers to clients for the investment they bring.

We approach the issue of search promotion from many angles. The main approaches and SEO strategies we use branch out depending on the customer’s situation and his needs:

  • promotion of new, budding websites;
  • strengthening websites older than two years;
  • rehabilitation after sanctions or other problems;
  • raising customers to leading positions in their niches.

Work packages and terms of website promotion

To promote a website that is just starting out, you need to think in terms of starting an ideal website. That is, the resource is technically optimized, has a broad structure according to the developed semantic kernel. All elements of commercial ranking factors should also be present. All the main trends of SEO and search engines have been taken into account. If all this is in place, building trust and the links portfolio, you can start to float up in 3-5 months – it all depends on the niche and the region.

For projects that have been around for more than 2-3 years, you should stick with a “do not harm” strategy. Here you should perform an audit, find strengths, adjust weaker points as accurately as possible. The main advantage is the ability to work with active semantics. Prior to customizing the optimization, adjusting meta, texts and content give a good acceleration in obtaining targeted traffic. In parallel improving trust, placing links on the tracks of competitors makes it possible to reach a high level of sales in 2-3 months.

Websites that have fallen under sanctions or into the hands of unscrupulous SEOs have a much harder time retaining visibility. As a rule, restoration work takes 5 months or more. Here it is necessary to do both internal spam edits and elimination of relevance problems, plus outreach to remove negative anchors on the outside. Any project can be returned to the previous level and gain trust from assessors of search engines.

Working with projects that have positive dynamics and want to become niche leaders requires, first of all, a high level of analytics. It is important to work out a strategy that can strengthen and increase the position of the website in Top 3. On average, you can expect to get this result in 6-9 months. Since this work is delicate, it requires attention and accuracy.

How we go about it:

  • We study demand
  • We conduct audits and predict traffic
  • We show you real live sales
  • We develop a SEO strategy for each project individually
  • We focus not on traffic, but on leads
  • We carry out detailed sales analytics
  • We select highly specialized copywriters for each project
  • We increase positions in search results
  • We attract cheap and relevant traffic
  • We seek for demand and traffic where your competitors did not think to look
  • We track the dynamics of demand
  • We analyze the causes of changes in demand
  • We provide full reporting on the work performed:

Report on the current website position

  • Sales and organic results revenue
  • Link mass growth dynamics
  • Industry demand
  • Traffic versus competitors
  • Demand dynamics

Work algorithm:

  • A technical audit of the website according to our checklist of 150 points
  • Analysis of commercial factors and website visibility
  • Collection of semantic data and its clustering
  • A KPI forecast estimate
  • This is a plan for technical improvement of the website and introduction of commercial factors. It is a scope of work for the study of all sections of the website, improving the usability of your Internet resource.
  • We also make a work plan to improve the behavioral parameters of the website and internal optimization.
  • A roadmap for external website optimization.
  • We trace customers all the way to sale and group queries in accordance with it.
  • We separate the concepts of conversion and heating traffic.
  • After this we proceed to implementing a link purchasing strategy. We post links on thematic forums and information platforms, analyze the reference profile of competitors.
  • We constantly monitor the project, analyze traffic and metrics against industry demand.
  • Reports are supplied to customers on a monthly basis.

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    SEO optimization and website promotion
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    SEO optimization and website promotion
    SEO optimization and website promotion