Many people think that attracting a seo specialist to work is relevant only at the stage of promoting a project on the Internet.

This is not true. The algorithms and requirements of search engines for sites are constantly changing and expanding, and restrictive sanctions can cause significant damage to the site. The budgets for the restoration of positions or the beginning of systematic stable growth can significantly exceed the estimate, and the entire process of restoration and improvement of visibility can drag on for a very long period. To prevent the site from falling under the filters of search engines, it is necessary to take into account the seo requirements at the development stage.

Do not despair if the SEO work was not carried out during the creation of the resource, all is not lost.

In such cases, a technical audit of the site is carried out.

It is highly advisable to check the site before opening to the index, then it is more likely that the results on organic promotion will be achieved faster – after all, all errors found will be eliminated even before Google indexes the pages.

If the resource has been on the network for a long time and the results of the promotion want the best, a comprehensive technical audit of the site and prompt elimination of defects will allow you to optimize internally and prepare everything for active promotion.

Work algorithm:

  • Full verification takes about 20 business days.
  • A document is formed that takes into account all check points with a description and their impact on the resource.
  • Errors are highlighted and ranked according to the importance of fixing them. Based on the analysis, a technical task is drawn up for the programmer to eliminate these defects.
  • The analysis of competitors is carried out, the position in the search results is taken into account (coverage of keywords, the number of external links and the number of referring domains, which types of external link mass prevail, approximate organic traffic).
  • An analysis of external optimization is also carried out (the number and quality of external links, domain rating, geography and type of link mass, keywords leading to the site).
  • If you have access to Search Console and Google Analytics, errors and traffic are taken into account.

Contact so that organic traffic starts to make a profit and the cost of attracting a potential consumer decreases.

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