External website optimization

First of all, when starting to promote a website for SEO, it is important to conduct a full audit of the resource in order to optimize its technical part and prepare for active external promotion.

What the block of work on external search engine optimization includes:

  • Analysis of competitors. An assessment of the external link profile and the dynamics of link building is carried out.
  • Selection of donors of article links. The sites on the exchanges that are relevant to the site are selected. Building a high-quality link mass is carried out by purchasing external links from trusted sources (exchanges, direct links, outreach), crowd links to increase brand awareness on the network. Anchor and non-anchor links to priority categories are used.
  • Checking an existing link profile by Ahrefs:
    • variety of anchor sheet;
    • types of links;
    • dynamics of pages / domains;
    • regionality of links;
    • comparative analysis with competitors;
    • issuing recommendations on the reference budget.
  • Buying and indexing perpetual links. The quality of the purchased reference mass is of great importance. To check the relevance of a link to your project, you need to take into account the trust of the site, age, site traffic, the amount of organic traffic to the resource. Sometimes you need to check the site for what keywords it is ranking for.
  • Analysis of the indexing of the link mass and the replacement of “missing” links. The quality of the purchased link mass may decrease over time. This may be due to a drop in the rating of the site where the link is posted.
  • Drawing up technical specifications for crowd marketing, purchase of crowd links and social. signals.
  • Selection of sites for crowd marketing and control over the implementation of the TK. The site’s link profile should be varied and include: external anchor and non-anchor links, multi-level links, crowd links (reviews and comments on trust forums and blogs), links from social media. networks.

One of the most important criteria for evaluating a site by a search engine is the quality and volume of the link mass. Constant study and external search engine optimization will increase the ranking of the domain and strengthen the site’s position in the search results.

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