A solid foundation for website promotion is its correct structure. The site should be liked not only by users, but also by search engines. The crawler has a limited time to index the resource.

Optimization of the site structure – measures aimed at improving the site in accordance with the requirements of search engines. We will help you complete it as efficiently as possible. Our specialists will offer a correct and convenient tree of page nesting and will help you add missing landing pages to an existing structure or change it in such a way that it meets the requirements of visitors and search engines.

Effective site structure

The first thing we pay attention to is business analysis and assessment of the search engine coverage, which is provided by the current site structure. For this, a competitive comprehensive analysis is carried out.

After that, the semantic core is divided into special logical groups. As a sign of division, you can take the size, color, product category. In groups, intersections are possible according to different characteristics. Such a study of the site structure will help determine what is appropriate to do at the moment: add filters or create separate sections for a specific group of attributes.

An effective resource structure must meet a number of requirements:

  • cover the entire semantic core in the subject;
  • have the correct hierarchy, 2-3 clicks from the main page itself;
  • be user friendly;
  • be logical and concise.

In addition to the navigation structure, it is necessary to provide the correct format for the internal linking, page addresses.

Why do you need internal linking?

An important element of site structure optimization is internal linking. It will help to offer the user products, content, additional services in an unobtrusive manner. This will not only increase the average bill, but also redistribute the weight within the resource. A website visitor will be able to navigate from a page of the same level to a category of the same level. This is very convenient, since you can choose not only the main product, but also related products and accessories from a thematically related category.

If you need competent seo optimization of the site structure, which you want to make an effective sales tool, please contact our company. We guarantee high quality, systematic approach and quick results thanks to optimization taking into account the logic of users and the requirements of search engines.

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