Remarketing is a modern technology that helps a user to return and complete a purchase on a website. It can be configured in Google Ads. There is also retargeting, which is configured in Yandex.Direct. Tools differ in ad format and customization options.

Types of remarketing

There are such types of remarketing:

  • Classic remarketing – systems track a customer who added an item to the cart, but did not complete the purchase for some reason. An advertisement is broadcast that will help make a purchase.
  • Dynamic remarketing is a demonstration of goods and services that have been viewed. The conversion in this case will be higher than the classic version.
  • Search remarketing – it works when a user sees ads on request in a search engine, as well as the ad itself, which reminds of products viewed much earlier.
  • Remarketing Facebook and social networks helps to form a base of users or subscribers viewing a product card from a social network.

Instagram remarketing is also very popular. All types of remarketing can be ordered from our agency Pirogov Marketing. Exceptionally positive feedback from satisfied customers is the best reward that motivates us to be better.

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