Contextual advertising on google is an effective way to attract a target audience and increase sales. These ads are shown in the context of what users are looking for. It is necessary to promote goods, bring new products to the market, advertise services, and quickly start a business. With proper tuning, you can get the best result even with a minimal budget.

Our specialists, who are constantly in the information field and promptly respond to innovations and limitations of the search engine, will help you to use all the nuances of setting up contextual advertising in Google.

How to set up contextual advertising on Google?

Google ads work effectively when configured correctly. The simplified algorithm looks like this:

  • Registration with Google Adwords to access services.
  • Clear definition of target audience and product.
  • Selection of keywords, you can use Google Keyword Tools, Wordstat Yandex, other services.
  • Creation of ad groups and setting up advertising campaigns.
  • Choosing a strategy and purpose for displaying ads on Google.
  • Connection for analyzing the metrics of the Google Analytics system.

Users who enter such keywords in the search bar will see your ad, so they click on it and go straight to the site.

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