Not so long ago, the promotion of foreign sites abroad has become a topical topic of discussion in the SEO sphere.

This topic does not lose its relevance, but is gaining momentum more and more.

How does the promotion of a foreign project differ from a local one on the market of the former CIS?

Promotion of any site, regardless of the region, is always aimed at increasing traffic, site visibility and positions for key queries.

The main criteria that must be considered when promoting foreign sites:

  • It is imperative to take into account the peculiarities of search engines that are popular in a particular country. According to statistics, for several years Google has been holding leading positions in both the mobile version and the desktop (70.60%). But don’t forget about other search networks in the regions. In the United States, Bing (with an average of 13% market share) and Yahoo (ranked fourth in market share) are actively used alongside Google. In Asia, as exemplified by China, the most common search engine is Baidu (95% of the Chinese market. The share of use of Google and Yandex search engines in the post-Soviet space is 77% and 22%, respectively. In Europe, Google, Bing and Yahoo are popular. promotion of foreign sites in search engines, it is necessary to familiarize yourself in detail with their features (algorithms, restrictions, technical requirements) of each of them and develop a work plan for a specific search engine.
  • Evaluate the domain for compliance with the domain zone and the physical location of the hosting. An important promotion factor is the presence of an extension by the domain zone, which should (preferably) correspond to the region of promotion. For example, in the United States and most countries, a domain with the .COM extension is sufficient, and for Germany, for example, a .DE domain zone is desirable. It is also important to choose the right hosting (based on the physical location of the servers). The presence of servers in the same region, which is being promoted, will speed up the loading of the site.
  • To carry out work on filling the site with content, knowledge of the language is a very important factor. In SEO promotion of corporate and commercial sites, it is extremely important to write unique and readable texts. The site will be better indexed if the content is written on it by a native (native speaker). Only a person living in the country – the region of promotion, knows the peculiarities of culture, language, speech patterns and LSI words. This will increase the level of user confidence in the resource.
  • An SEO specialist needs to constantly monitor changes in search engine algorithms (at least such as Panda or Penguin) due to the fact that “foreign” search engines are more strict about SEO actions to optimize the site. Inadvertently, you can fall under the filters and lose all the accumulated results.
  • It should be borne in mind that the cost of website promotion abroad is much higher than for post-Soviet countries. This is due to the fact that SEO abroad originated much earlier than on the Internet and the competition there is much higher. Requirements for sites in general are also higher, all updates and innovations of search engines are mainly tested in the markets of Europe and America. This is also associated with large external optimization budgets.

We have described the most basic features and difficulties of promoting foreign sites. If you are not sure that you can independently cope with the promotion of a resource abroad, and potential contractors may not have enough actual experience in conducting similar projects, contact Pirogov.Marketing studio!

We are always responsible for the result and work according to clearly defined and agreed KPIs. Working with us is always transparent and “openly”. Fill out the form or call the phone number, and we will discuss with you the current situation on the project and the strategy for further actions.

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