Case for promoting the site of electrical control equipment


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2 years ago, we received a letter from a company that sells large electrical equipment with a question about promoting their website on the Internet. The company was engaged in the production and sale of:

  • Switchboard equipment
  • Electrical board housings
  • Floor cabinets
  • Electrical products
  • Cable products
  • Circuit breakers
  • Contactors, etc …

Case for promoting the site of electrical control equipment

The standard situation for many companies that have realized that during the economic crisis, you need to actively go online and expand the markets for their products. We offered to fill out the brief in order to better understand their “inner workings” and, in principle, were not very surprised by the results of what we saw.

The main difficulties:

Like most offline-oriented companies in the CIS, and not only, the company did not have a clear understanding of the meaning of a website on the Internet, its usability, Internet marketing in general, promotion methods, etc. It’s not worth talking about a CRM system, count tracking. In general, everything is like most – make us a miracle J.
The management of the company is people of venerable age and it was problematic at first to convey to them the whole essence of the measures and the algorithm of actions.
The source of sales before that was: large supplies of equipment to customers with whom it was previously possible to work with, specialized exhibitions and word of mouth.
Tight project budget. No money – but you hold on …

We were given a difficult task – to load production for at least 2 shifts (in the best times there were three personnel shifts), to increase sales and help enter new markets.

If it were not for our love of promoting complex B2B projects, the client’s trust and his willingness to provide all the information, then we certainly would not have taken on the project …

What was done:

The site was updated in the shortest possible time:

  • The structure has been changed – our SEO department joined in, which radically changed the entire structure of the site, which was initially done completely incorrectly.
  • The site design was updated to a more modern one, now it was no longer a site like the 80s))), but a full-fledged modern and pleasant site from the point of view of usability.
  • The functionality of the site has been updated: a new product catalog has been uploaded with up-to-date photos (gallery) of goods, video reviews, etc. Full-fledged product cards have been made according to all the canons of modern marketing.

In general, from the old site, except for the domain and a small part of the content, nothing actually remained.

Case for promoting the site of electrical control equipment

The marketing department goes into battle. What was done:

  • A portrait of the target audience has been worked out, segmentation has been carried out
  • A clear USP is written, the positioning of the company
  • A detailed analysis of competitors, both domestically and foreign
  • Configured contextual advertising
  • Targeted advertising set up
  • Call Tracking connected
  • A set of SEO optimization works was done
  • Updated YouTube channel
  • Updated blog
  • Content marketing launched

We will not describe each step in detail – otherwise it will be a mega long read …

What we got as a result by the end of the first month:


  • Direct calls – 86 pcs,
  • Associates – 24
  • Callback widget – 25 pcs.
  • Submitted forms – 36 pcs.

3-shift loading contracts

In the process of work, we faced a tough drain of contracts from managers on the client’s side, because we also listened to calls …

Our attempts to deal with this were shattered by three fingers of the armor and the red tape of the company. In principle, there is nothing surprising when the efforts of the marketing department are broken in the bud by sales managers and a non-professional “Call Center” … Otherwise, it would have been possible to overfulfill the plan.


The client is satisfied, and we are satisfied, because the client is satisfied.

P.S. No contractor will do you a miracle if:

  • You don’t trust him.
  • You are not giving all the information.
  • You know how best to do a contractor’s job.
  • You are not ready to invest in a website.
  • You are not ready to invest in marketing.
  • You are not ready to play long.
  • Your sales team is screwing up.

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    Case for promoting the site of electrical control equipment
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    Case for promoting the site of electrical control equipment
    Case for promoting the site of electrical control equipment