Promotion Case for the Sale of CNC machines


CPC reduced by
Calls increased by
Applications increased by

 We were approached by a client with a request to increase sales of CNC machines and their components. After a lengthy briefing, we developed a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy (with building CJM, market, demand, competitor analysis, RFM analysis, media plans, calculation of return on investment, calculation of the probability of obtaining the required indicators, etc.), thanks to which we determined the development path of the project .


  • Major sales previously came from trade shows and phone calls to potential customers;
  • Due to the coronovirus, specialized exhibitions were not held, and it was not always possible to bypass the secretary when calling a potential client;
  • The Internet gave little sales. Since no one was really engaged in promotion;
  • In a state of desperation, the client finally realized that offline sales are good, but online sales also need to be developed.

What we did:

  • Fixed many bugs in the client’s advertising campaign settings;
  • Analytics settings, tracking calls from the site;
  • Created automated reporting;
  • Developed a comprehensive strategy for promoting digital marketing according to the European standard;
    Improved the client’s website, increased its conversion by 70%;
  • Created a sales funnel


Indicators Before After Improved by %
Advertising budget 150486 115896 23%
Average CPC 7 4 43%
Clicks 21498 28974 26%
Calls 18 100%
Applications from the site 7 23 70%


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    Promotion Case for the Sale of CNC machines
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    Promotion Case for the Sale of CNC machines
    Promotion Case for the Sale of CNC machines