Internet promotion of a b2b company for industrial flooring

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The promotion of industrial flooring on the Internet has a number of specific factors that must be taken into account in the work.

For seven years the Pirogov Marketing agency has been gaining expertise in setting up campaigns and promoting the company online.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Invaluable experience gained through continuous work in the B2B segment and consultations with market leaders. Deep expertise for the productive promotion of your specific project!

What makes us different:

  • Aimed at working in the business niche for enterprises.
  • We establish partnerships with customers.
  • We immerse ourselves as much as possible in the specifics of the business and take a responsible attitude to work.
  • We build our work in such a way as to comply with the NIMA industry standard in the context of international vectors of online development in the B2B segment.
  • We have a Google Premium Partner status.
  • We understand the peculiarities of creating and promoting goods “from the inside out”. We have about 7 years of applied experience in managing online promotion of sites in the B2B segment.
  • We develop the qualifications of the team in specialized courses in strategic marketing and practical work.
  • The technical settings of our accounts allow you to get continuous access to information on campaigns and notifications on key indicators to customer contact numbers. This functionality allows you to see the results of our work on a daily basis and evaluate the trend.
  • We draw knowledge and apply innovative techniques from the representatives of the Netherlands Institute of Marketing – these are about 250 thousand experts from the TOP-100 companies.
  • We correspond to the highest standard of digital marketing – European Marketing Confederation.

Each of our recommendations is based on the actual results obtained, development trends and the expertise of practicing specialists.

An important distinguishing feature of our team’s work is that specialists are as immersed as possible in the features of the project and the goals of your business.

As a result of working with us, you will receive:

  • a detailed plan for attracting new customers;
  • strategy to expand market share in the industrial flooring segment.

The credo in our work is “Measure seven times, cut one”.

First, we analyze analytical data, then we conduct experiments, test hypotheses and, as a result, provide reasoned justifications for our actions and recommendations.

Agreed goals and work results are not dreams, they are realistically achievable KPIs.

Today we can discuss options for cooperation, ways to increase the company’s share in the segment of industrial flooring, identify tools to increase the profit of your enterprise and develop a B2B strategy!

Contact our managers by any available communication channel.


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    Internet promotion of a b2b company for industrial flooring
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    Internet promotion of a b2b company for industrial flooring
    Internet promotion of a b2b company for industrial flooring