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In April 2019, via word of mouth, an overseas employment agency contacted us with a request to configure contextual and targeted advertising for their one-page website. The company was engaged in the official employment of people abroad with a full social package. We invited the client to fill out our brief, conducted a Skype call, formed hypotheses and set about developing a promotion strategy.

Employment in the USAAt the end of the cases a dynamic online report on the main KPIs is provided, which you can check yourself.


The initial data that we had on hand:

  • Good UTP.
  • YouTube customer channel.
  • Availability of social networks in which SMM was already conducted by the client.
  • Understanding the target audience.
  • List of criteria that future client leads should meet.
  • Adequate client-side designer and programmer. They have a separate respect!

The client was most involved in the process initially, for which we, from the bottom of our hearts, are grateful to him. We had efficient communication with all responsible persons on the client side, which positively influenced the success of the project.

At the end of the cases a dynamic online report on the main KPIs is provided, which you can check yourself.

And so we did:

  • We installed GTM, analytics system counters, and set up all the necessary goals and audiences.
  • Combined analytics with a Google ads account with import conversions and audiences.
  • We conducted an in-depth analysis of competitors for contextual advertising in order to understand their semantic core, ad texts, to stand out against their background.
  • Collected keywords using various paid software.
  • Filter out inappropriate requests – add lists minus words.
  • Grouped requests into groups.
  • We wrote unique ads using UTP for each group of requests.
  • Added all ad extensions.
  • Created lists with the target audience of the client for banner and video ads on the Display Network and YouTube.
  • We set up remarketing for numerous conditions.
  • Developed, with the help of a designer, professional animated banners.
  • Set up GDN advertising for standard and personal interests, Gmail
  • Set up a video ad on YouTube.
  • Later set up campaigns with pay-per-conversion, not clicks.
  • Implemented various scripts to more conveniently work with the client’s advertising account.
  • We created various experiments and A / B tests.
  • We created fully automated reporting with interactive charts, tables and charts for the client.
  • Implemented measures to reduce the cost of a click in an advertisement.
  • All work was approved with the client.

Employment in the USAA fly in the ointment in a barrel with honey, or what prevented us from doing our work more quickly:

  • List of criteria for the client’s audience – it was hard to immediately get to the target audience, despite the fact that we specified these criteria wherever possible, including the site! But people, unfortunately, do not always read thoughtfully. Therefore, we, together with the client, decided to create a separate video content and use it both in advertising – and on the site. To reduce the percentage of inappropriate circulation and the waste of the budget and time of employees for those.
  • Google moderation rejected our banners and text ads marked: Information that is not true. Do you know why? Yes, because we indicated the income that the future employee will receive. And the search engine didn’t like it, you see … We battled for a very long time with that support, until, finally, we came to the conclusion to write on the site the conditions under which the employee really received 100% of this income. Through how many circles of hell the client and I went through while the moderation passed. How many approvals were between all parties. If you express yourself without swearing, it’s better to keep silent …

And through these thorns we had to make our way to the stars …

During the advertising campaign, we conducted many tests of various audiences and their combinations for the Display Network and remarketing. The video campaigns also tested both audiences and various videos. To our surprise, the largest number of applications just brought, not short videos, but long ones of 20-30 minutes. Most likely, this is due to the fact that in the longest rollers it turned out to be the most detailed to tell about all the nuances of employment abroad.

We experimented with various landing pages, USP options, texts and banners until we determined the best of them. About 35% of low-performing search keywords were disabled. Another insight was that quite a few conversions brought not only hot requests, but also informational requests.

I won’t bother you with the story anymore, but rather show the results obtained from contextual advertising:


  • The number of applications – 13 690 pcs.
  • Request conversion rate: 5.66% – Excellent result.
  • Well, the number of associated conversions: 2175 units


The customer is satisfied, and we are happy because the customer is satisfied and continue to work.

As promised – I am inserting a dynamic report so that you yourself can see the results of our work. And you know, now there are times that faking data in a report is not a problem.

And so the case will be useful:

  • Agencies and marketers – because the action plan and possible obstacles are painted here.
  • For job owners – because in the case you can see what results can be achieved tentatively.

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    Employment in the USA
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