Email marketing is helping to blur boundaries and shorten distances as online shopping is available from anywhere in the world. A website for an industrial company will expand the audience of consumers and increase sales without opening real expensive branches in different cities. Online promotion of a b2b website takes place in accordance with a marketing strategy and may include several selected actions, or the entire chain of work to attract customers online.

Search engines help you find customers

Usually, when searching for a product / service, we use search engines, and most often it is Google. Of course, there is competition and there is a constant struggle for the top positions for promotion in the search engines. What can be done here? An excellent effect in the long term is given by SEO-promotion for certain keywords. Specialists collect the semantic core from search engines – these are whole tables of keywords that are most often entered by Internet users. Writing good content is not enough to get to the top of the SERP, it is also important to solve technical issues so that the site indexing occurs easily and without interruptions.

To speed up the promotion process, contextual advertising is used. Its advantage is that your site will be shown only to the audience looking for similar products / services. In a google search engine, setting up advertising has many complexities and nuances that help to reduce the budget. To launch contextual advertising, it is best to invite a contextual expert to make professional settings. Ad serving is based on a CPC bidding auction – meaning you can limit costs, but if you bid too low, your ad will go off the first page and you will lose a customer.

How do I use social media to customize ads?

The myth that only teenagers and students spend time on social networks has long been dispelled by marketers using statistics. You can sell and advertise any goods that are not prohibited by law. The most popular in Ukraine are two social networks – Facebook and Instagram. They are related to each other by advertising settings, but you can choose one of them to promote your site. When setting up targeted advertising on social networks, it is important to present the information correctly. Here, no one will read long texts about your products, since most often people perceive emotional posts and vivid photos. There is also a whole area – short videos that can carry informational, entertaining, viral, intriguing content. Of the features of setting up a targeted company, it should be noted that you can select a target audience according to their interests – this allows you to make the most accurate coverage.

Indirect advertising and selling through useful content

In addition to contextual and targeted advertising tools, online blogs and informational content are of great help in promoting business. Most often now, buyers are not just looking for a specific product or service, but also want to understand that they will be dealing with professionals, not amateurs. And this is where content marketing plays a role:

blogging on the site, publishing useful articles, promotional offers, news.
cooperation with blogs and bloggers of the same subject, where you will talk about your store and provide links.
native advertising on the websites of colleagues and competitors will help lead the reader to a visit to your store.
maintaining pages and groups on social networks builds long-term trust and maintains interest.

Always budget for content marketing as it works well.

Using influencers

Who are they? Nowadays, many people listen to popular bloggers’ opinions and follow their recommendations. There is a whole area of ​​such work in the field of Internet marketing, there are blogger databases on various topics and areas. If you order a promotional post from influencers, you can increase the number of “warm” subscribers to your page and reach your target audience. But before ordering an advertisement from a blogger, study his account and the activity of readers – to which they react more and to which less. It is important to take into account not only the subject matter of the content, but also the form of its presentation. Viral videos, interesting and useful posts that attract attention, work well. Don’t forget about quality photos and emojis in the text.

How you can remind your customers of yourself

The use of instant messengers has become natural among a wide audience of Internet users. Hence, we conclude that it is necessary to use not only advertising platforms, but also messengers. Chat bots have proven to be excellent – they allow you to keep in touch with your target audience on an ongoing basis. Once in the chat bot database, the client’s contact remains in it, and you can work with it further. It is important not to annoy users with daily emails to reduce negative reactions. Almost all Ukrainian users have Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram installed in smartphones. Statistics show that the open rate of messages in instant messengers is almost 90%, which significantly exceeds the effectiveness of traditional email marketing.

Keep in mind that it is important to use audience segmentation to best match your audience’s interests. Chatbots have many additional settings and tags by which you can group users: who was interested, who bought, who left a request and did not buy, men or women, etc. An online consultant on the site makes communication easier and more convenient. Add a button “order a call back for a specific time” to the site – for those who came to the store page after hours.

Give emotions and gifts

Social media users are actively sharing information about sweepstakes and gifts – this is one of the areas of viral marketing. At the same time, it is important to provide value to customers so that they repost publications or leave comments. Bright photos will help to attract attention, and a profitable gift will allow you to reach many new consumers. A free trial product works well in different areas: it can be a test access to an online service, a free consultation with a specialist by phone, a cosmetic sample and other options.

Message boards and free online sites

Many people think that free classified ads are not interesting as a marketing tool. However, these sites are perfectly indexed by search engines and allow your products / services to be brought to the TOP of search engines. From here there will not be too much traffic, but if we compare the cost of contextual advertising and message boards, it is quite obvious that you cannot refuse additional information placements and use alternative promotion methods.

The media is your promotion assistant

People continue to trust the media and this also helps in promotion. Take part in discussions, round tables, give interviews, appear more often at events – and this will also help form a new influx of clients. Using promotions attracts new customers from a variety of sources – and this is an inexpensive stream of leads. For example, you can organize an action in a crowded place on a city day to attract attention.

Offline promotion – does it make sense?

Do I need to use well-known promotion tools? In the past, thousands of people handed out flyers near the metro and at intersections, printed business cards and product catalogs. It all depends on your business and budget. However, email marketing allows you to create an electronic business card in your smartphone with a QR code to which not only your phone and email are linked, but also social networks. Convenient and modern!

Many event agencies organize business breakfasts or dinners and this is a great way to make yourself known. Always at events, a few minutes are allocated for each participant for self-presentation, and these are extremely important minutes that need to be used. Think over your short text, in which you can reveal the advantages of your business in 1 minute, or even better – arrange your speech emotionally and with humor. Such a speaker will be remembered, approached to meet and will be recommended.

If your company takes part in an exhibition – and it can be offline or online, be sure to prepare handouts decorated in a corporate style. Also, don’t forget to register with various industry directories (paper and electronic). Even if the conversion rate from events is not very high, this opportunity should not be neglected. But just in case, have business cards with you – for lovers of the traditional form of communication.

The main factors affecting the result

Immediately, we note that the methodology for promoting a business will be erroneous, without a well-thought-out and detailed strategy. Individual actions do not bring such results as systemic advancement, which is directed towards a common goal. It is important for the head of the company to organize interaction between all structures of the marketing and sales department so that they receive feedback and support each other.

Let’s not forget that even in the B2B field, customers buy from people, so it is important to establish the most useful communications at different sites. Don’t expect 1 action to replace a whole set of business promotion activities. It is important to establish systematic email marketing and stable operation, and the results will bring not only income, but also popularity.