Online marketing for B2Bcustomers are completely different from the promotion strategy in the B2C segment. There will be a different approach, different settings for targeted advertising, a different principle of working with the target audience, the result will be influenced by a different algorithm for making purchasing decisions. In many types of business, there may simply not be statistics on search queries, since they are single. Another difficulty will be the intersection of the audience of B2C and B2B customers, which will lead to overspending of the advertising budget.

In this article, we will consider the features of B2B marketing for situations when a customer sells large objects, equipment, expensive software for a narrow target audience. Here, customers know manufacturers in their segment, so it will be difficult for a new supplier to compete. What will influence the decision to purchase such a product? One site, descriptions and photos of products will not be enough. For marketers, it will be a challenge to assess the capacity of a market niche, since statistics do not provide accurate data.

But what if the company sells unique innovative equipment that enters the market for the first time? There are no such queries in search engines at all, and customers do not look for such a product at all. Will expert recommendations work if the market is very small? What tools will help you build a sales funnel to get targeted traffic? How is it configuredcontextual advertising in b2b?

We will talk about this in our new material.

Features of transactions in the B2B segment

Let’s note the main characteristic features of Internet marketing in the B2B sphere:

  • Large amounts of transactions.
  • Wholesale purchases.
  • Long decision-making time.
  • A small circle of consumers.
  • The complexity of setting up advertising campaigns.
  • The need to immerse yourself in the specifics of the equipment.
  • Established relationships with suppliers of similar products.

In addition to the above, the professionalism of the company’s employees and the communication skills of the staff will play an important role. Here you cannot prepare a sales manager in 2 weeks by conducting trainings or consultations with him. Knowledge of subtleties and nuances cannot be acquired in such a short time.

What promotion methods work in B2B

In the B2B niche, expertise and professionalism are highly valued. Introduce your product to the market and demonstrate your level of knowledge.

With the help of useful content and events, you can quickly reach your customers. It is easier to promote in an online format if you present your products at a webinar, and then warm up the database with a useful mailing list. To collect contacts, a lead magnet is usually used – this can be a market review, checklist, instruction, or other useful information.

You can initiate and lead the creation of a professional community as an organizer. This will immediately strengthen your status and credibility. Your brand name will become more famous and respected, which will play a role in choosing a supplier of high-value products.

How to solve complex issues of setting up ads for B2B

In order to separate B2B and B2C traffic, we offer several methods:

  • Most often, in the field of large projects, the consumer market is small. To save your budget, you can collect the addresses of companies who are interested in your product and set up targeted advertising for them.
  • Add look-like targeting.
  • Customize advertising by place of work and positions of the target audience. You should first conduct a study of the interests of decision makers and specialists who are looking for such products.
  • Host events to bring industry leaders to the meeting. Start with social media groups, then organize lectures, meetings and conferences.

In complex projects, the sequence of work looks like this:

  • Research of your market niche is conducted to collect useful analytics. This document is drawn up in a convenient and informative form so that it can be provided to potential clients.
  • A landing page is being developed that presents a portion of the research for review. Interested visitors can get the full version if they fill out an application and give their e-mail. That is, here we are already getting contacts with which we can work further.
  • We invite subscribers to our free research webinar to share even deeper results. It is important to give value, without water.
  • We organize a business breakfast or a business dinner and get already warmed leads who are interested in our products.
  • We send out a chain of letters, the purpose of which is to receive an application.

Why they don’t want to work with advertising in B2B

The main argument of opponents of advertising campaigns in the B2B segment sounds like this: in our sphere everyone knows each other, advertising does not work here. Looking for personal contacts and recommendations. There is some truth in this objection, but let’s not forget that the Internet and social networks cover almost the entire population. This means that the information flow can spread not only from hand to hand, but also through external sources.

For an ordinary targeting specialist, the task of setting up advertising for B2B sector clients will be daunting. In organizing the promotion of complex goods and services, you need to combine the sales, marketing and advertising departments to get a result. In addition, professional support is required from the technical staff when launching any advertising campaign. An engineer or technologist should be a participant in advertising strategy briefings. An advertisement for expensive equipment will look silly if a marketer makes a mistake in terminology. You will not only lose money, but also damage your image.

When a large company is hiring marketers and targeting experts, the complexity of developing a strategy and sales funnel must be considered. First of all, study the cases of future employees: experience in the B2B segment, technical or specialized education, general level of literacy and breadth of outlook. The qualifications will be directly related to payment requests, so do not focus on salaries that are average for the market.

Why Old Ideas About B2B Marketing Are Not Relevant

Gathering information about new developments and equipment is an integral part of the work of any purchasing department of an enterprise. Naturally, your company can come to the attention of consumers through modern communication channels:

  • Web site. Be sure to complete your portfolio, make high-quality photo shoots in production and in office interiors. Demonstrate the scale of the work to show the level and status. Use video interviews, video guided tours, and other content that will introduce you to the equipment manufacturing process.
  • Social networks. Design your company’s business pages, promote them and pay attention to the content. Do not limit your presence on Facebook. Search engines index videos on YouTube perfectly, so be sure to use multiple accounts to increase your reach.
  • Useful informational content in the media and on external sites. The more often potential customers come across a mention of your company, the more likely they are to receive an order. Reviews, market analytics, research of new materials and technologies – all this will help to attract the attention of specialists to your products.
  • Become the initiator of discussions. For discussion, you can use any platform – polls in social networks or on the website, publications in the media and round tables. Your activity is a source of new contacts. They will talk about you, mention and look for you.
  • Position your company as an expert team. Feel free to state your opinion, actively deliver presentations, produce useful content.

What will affect ad results

Start by researching your competitors: get their commercial offers, talk to the sales team, analyze the website, advertising activity and social media. Market analysis will allow us to draw up a general picture that has developed today: what promotion channels are used, what price level has developed, what are the differences between different manufacturers. Your task is to differentiate yourself from competitors and take a unique place in the market.

In the ad settings, one should take into account not only the list of target queries, but also the decision-making algorithm. The decision maker does not always know the specific features of the equipment operation, which the user will pay attention to. In large companies, the selection of equipment is handled by production workers who analyze technical indicators. That is, the chain of touch for making a decision must take into account different approaches and requests.

Connect remarketing in advertising campaigns. Distribute your budget to several categories of site visitors:

  • Users who visited the site 7 days ago – they need to increase their ad bids and show the site more often. Remind yourself with the appropriate message.
  • Those who were on the site a month ago might have forgotten about your products, so they need to convey the usefulness, describe the problem and offer a solution.
  • Those who visited the site more than 90 days ago will be interested in new offers and possibilities of your products. Show the momentum of product development and improvement to maintain interest.

In advertisements, be sure to indicate phone numbers – corporate clients will ask a lot of questions and you need to create an opportunity for comfortable communication. It will be helpful for a wider audience to touch upon the problem that your product solves. When a person has already clicked on advertising, it makes sense to demonstrate the functionality of the equipment and technical features. That is, building a sales funnel for the B2B sector has many features that are associated with a phased decision on purchasing and cooperation.