SEO work on website promotion begins with an audit. Its purpose is not only to find errors and get recommendations for correction. We will break down this question for different audiences of our readers:

It will be useful for a business to find out what a technical audit of a website is, what it is for and how to use its results.
Marketers will receive a step-by-step algorithm for developing a website promotion strategy and project development.
SEO specialists will organize their knowledge and will be able to convey the importance of their work to clients.

For large enterprises and companies, an Internet site is a business card that clients, customers, partners and contractors pay attention to. Site positions in search engines are directly related to the company’s sales and income, so you should consider:

a website promotion strategy that will be based on business goals and objectives,
main business processes and growth indicators that are recorded at the first stage of work,
opportunities for growth and development of the site, taking into account the interconnections of the work of the company’s divisions
analysis of the possibilities and detailing of promotion hypotheses on which the hypotheses are based.

Besides the fact that the customer receives a list of works, it is important to prioritize tasks. The result is influenced by many indicators that can be more or less expensive to correct.

What SEO audit gives for a website

Before starting a technical audit, it is important to assess the current position of the site in relation to competitors. Each market niche has its own potential, and this is important for promoting the entire project and its individual pages. For some niches, it is not so difficult to enter the TOP, since the names of goods and services are related to low-frequency queries. In this case, growth will not be as noticeable as in highly competitive niches, but more targeted. That is, for each business, you need to take into account the promotion channels and their capabilities.

Search rankings will be driven by tech recommendations, mobile technologies, and apps. A separate list of works should be carried out to increase the link mass, write unique content, optimize design elements and other components.

All SEO promotion tasks have their own priority, which is related to cost and performance. A competent audit ends with an accurate action plan for the next six months or a year.

Types of website technical audit

To advance the project, a short or full audit is carried out. They have different goals and costs, so let’s consider each type in more detail:

A brief audit reveals obvious technical errors. All of them are grouped in a separate document with the addition of a description and an indication of the consequences of each type of error. Experts assess their criticality and priority, which makes it possible to determine the order of work.
A full audit includes the study of all technical errors of the site, which are grouped into a separate document. Each item is described with an indication of its impact on the position and functioning of the site. After determining the importance, a technical task is drawn up for the programmer to eliminate the identified errors.

It is important that:

estimate the reach of keywords on the pages,
determine the number of external links, their types,
analyze organic traffic,
analyze competitors in a niche.

From the point of view of external website optimization, the following are taken into account:

quantity and quality of external links,
domain rating,
geography and type of link mass.
Indicators that are studied during a full technical audit

It is important to analyze:

duplicates of the main and internal pages of the site,
check the validity of the code,
compliance with the SEO requirements of the Canonical tag,
number and design of outgoing and cyclic links,
implementation of navigation on the site and menu,
compliance of tabs on pages,
3xx redirects and various technical errors,
case insensitive URL,
404 page response code for all page types,
correct functioning of multilingualism on the site,
site encoding,
availability and optimization of metadata on different types of pages,
micro-markup and correct design,
matching internal and external outbound links and much more.

Before starting website promotion, you need to check the following elements:

add and correct robots.txt,
create and add sitemap.xml,
check the distribution of H headings on all pages,
optimize images on the site,
issue a 404,
integrate all social media business pages,
check the loading speed of all types of pages,
test the functionality of the adaptive version of the site.

These indicators are checked during the audit and a technical task is drawn up for the programmer to correct these errors.

Internal optimization includes:

Analysis of competitors.
Selection of donors of article links.
Checking an existing link profile by Ahrefs:

variety of sheet anchors,
analysis of link types,
analysis of the dynamics of pages / domains,
analysis of the regionality of links,
comparative analysis with competitors,
issuing recommendations on the reference budget
Registration and setup of accounts on link exchanges for external optimization.
Buying and indexing perpetual links.
Analysis of the indexing of the link mass and the replacement of “missing” links.

A professional technical audit of the site allows you to identify many flaws at the initial stage, which will speed up the promotion of your resource.