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In early October, a client contacted us with a unique service – the harrison assessments test. This is a career counseling test trusted by the Fortune500 companies. The product is completely new for our country and this was a challenge.

A task: within a tight budget, bring more than 50 applications, costing no more than $ 10 each.

Complexity: The product is new, there was no separate budget to inform the audience, it was not realistic to sell on the forehead, because no one knows about the product …

New Product Promotion: Harrison AssessmentsAnd so what strategy did we decide to implement:

  • Collect about targeted requests.
  • Collect information requests.
  • Make a grouping of requests and write the appropriate text ads.
  • Create your own audience lists for targeting on the Display Network and YouTube.
  • Make multi-landing – substitution of various content depending on the user’s search query, as well as depending on the banner and video from which the user came. This naturally took into account the interests for which the targeting was configured.
  • Request the client to create video content to familiarize the audience with the service.
  • Set up remarketing for various conditions with an audience funnel run.
  • Set up smart campaigns.
  • Target social networks to an audience that might be interested in this test.
  • Set up remarketing in social networks with relevant content.
  • In the future, target a similar audience who ordered the service.
  • Develop appropriate creatives for CCM and social media advertising.

New Product Promotion: Harrison AssessmentsAfter two months of testing strategies, audiences and creatives with their periodic replacement, we got results that we did not even expect …


With a budget of 7583 UAH. we managed to bring 153 leads, costing not $ 10 (as the client originally demanded), but 5 times cheaper! Coef. conversion came out 2%!

In advertising on Facebook and Instagram, we managed with a budget of 2500 UAH. lead 49 applications worth 51 UAH. per application, coefficient Conversions came out 7.5%!

Associated Conversion Data:


This is a mega cool result! The client has suspended advertising for now, as the number of applications has exceeded his expectations. But the training of new managers still takes time.

Conclusions: Thanks to about targeted requests and audiences created manually in conjunction with targeted targeting in social networks, you can achieve results that exceed all expectations.


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    New Product Promotion: Harrison Assessments
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    New Product Promotion: Harrison Assessments
    New Product Promotion: Harrison Assessments