How we combined digital and offline marketing for business and increased conversion by 5.5%

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How does online marketing bear on a company’s offline business?

According to Bill Gates, if your business is not on the Internet, then you are not in business.  And this is not just a statement – it is a real fact borne out by numbers.

According to Rusability, information about a company, products and services on the Web increases offline conversion for the company by an average of 23%. Of these, 15% are direct sales to customers.

Thus, if there is no information online about your retail outlet or the company’s office, even just on online maps, those potential 15% of consumers could not know about you.

Even a good offline business can be made better.

In 2018, we were approached by the management of a chain of fashion stores (pricey clothes and footwear) for strengthening their offline sales with Internet means, and we were also to improve online conversion. At the same time, the ultimate price to customer both offline and online had to stay at $12 or less.

Here is what we had to work with:

  • A developed network of offline clothing and footwear stores throughout Ukraine.
  • A YouTube channel with presentations of new store products. 
  • A workable catalogue website. 
  • A working analytics system, although not completely customized.
  • Poor understanding of an integrated marketing strategy and its need for profit growth.

Though the company already had online presence, sales left much to be desired. We approached the issue of multichanneling in all seriousness.

Raise customer awareness

How can your consumers visit your stores, even if they want to buy something, if they DON’T KNOW where these are located in their city? The first thing we did to increase offline traffic was upload information about the entire network of outlets to Google Maps. On each page, we posted data on the work schedule, assortment and provided contact details.

When distrust is inappropriate

As we were working with online maps, we added a comprehensive analysis of offline and online activity of the competitors. We evaluated all online promotion channels, creatives and sales methods, as well as looked at the tools to increase demand for offline trading.

As a result of this analysis, we compiled a comprehensive marketing strategy for the customer, and prepared to weather the storm of gratitude. But, as it turned out, the customer was not so enthusiastic.

It was a classic situation for difficult business niches: entrust the business to a professional, but second-guess all his words and recommendations. Every smallest step had to be argued over like a matter of life and death.

Another key difficulty that arises quite often in collaboration has also appeared in our country: organizing everything is very slow, resulting in less efficient work of the programmers on the part of the customer.

In fact, doing the work took less time than obtaining the permits, orders and assignments from the management, both for us and for technical specialists.


The dogs bark, but the caravans move on

Despite all this, and a desire to give up, we persevered and introduced a number of necessary changes:

  • Made a list of improvements for the website, e-commerce, remarketing.
  • Customized the web analytics system in accordance with the objectives.
  • Gathered, clustered, and introduced a new semantic kernel for effective competition with other stores.
  • Prepared and customized ads in accordance with USP and the list of commercial queries.
  • Set up ads on the PPC network and YouTube video ads.
  • Customized remarketing.
  • Fine-tuned banner ads.
  • Automated advertising campaigns and reporting systems.

In addition, we resorted to creative decisions that were especially liked by “our audience” – introduced an online fitting room and launched a temporary promotion campaigns on search engines. Thus, we were able to increase the conversion rate by 5.5%.

Persistence paid off, and the average cost per customer was 62 UAH (about $ 2.5) – 10 times lower than the maximum we had been given.

In addition, of course, we increased demand at offline outlets, which was also part of the job.

The results of search engine marketing:

How we combined digital and offline marketing for business and increased conversion by 5.5%


Associated sales for 10 months:



How to combine offline and online for the benefit of a company?

If you also wish to increase the effectiveness of marketing channels in every aspect of a company, be sure to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Customer awareness. Talk to customers about offline channels online, talk about online presence offline. Just what to say depends on your audience.
  • Analyze your audience and competitors, both offline and online.
  • Strategy and tactics should be on a roadmap. If you entrusted its creation to professionals, entrust its implementation as well. This also determines how soon you can hope for results.
  • Make the most of all the tools. If you have a YouTube channel, link its capabilities to a common promotion concept.
  • Give the client online what they can only get offline: trying on clothes, individual consultation, an opportunity to “try” the products.

And, most importantly, help your experts.

Want to combine your channels into a single, competent and effective strategy for working with an audience both online and offline? Ask for advice right now and get a strategy for your company that really works!


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    How we combined digital and offline marketing for business and increased conversion by 5.5%
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    How we combined digital and offline marketing for business and increased conversion by 5.5%
    How we combined digital and offline marketing for business and increased conversion by 5.5%