How we increased the number of orders for a medical equipment store by 48%


Income growth
Reduced transaction price
Transaction growth
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Optimization of advertising campaigns is a regular procedure that should be carried out by a business to improve financial performance and reduce costs. Analysis of PPC clients shows that optimization should be done in case of:

  •  Seasonal declines in sales;
  •  Reorientation or expansion of the product assortment;
  •  Changes in the competitive environment;
  •  Carrying out promotional events, PR campaigns, marketing activities;
  •  Sudden and strange reductions of traffic or sales.

In addition, regular implementation of such measures will reduce the transaction cost by at least 15% and increase profits by 7%, on average.

How we increased the number of orders for a medical equipment store by 48%When a budget goes to waste

We were approached by a company that dealt in imported medical equipment with the task of reducing transaction costs and increasing the number of targeted calls. According to the management, there were a lot of valueless calls to the company, which indicated that advertising campaigns were off-key.

To identify the causes, errors and failures in all this, it was decided to conduct a comprehensive audit of the AC campaign both online and offline.

Money to burn or there is some work, okay

As a result of the audit, we identified a number of points were the campaign budget had simply been wasted by previous advertisers. The list of problems included:

  • Inconsistency of the advertising account and website structure.
  • An “abandoned” advertising account.
  • No extensions were added to the ads, they were not configured by geolocation and did not have filters to keep out inappropriate queries.
  • Online maps did not have all of the outlets.

It had clearly been a half-fast job. However, to the great credit of the management, they had tracked indicators and sought help in time.

Do well – it will be good!

As a result of the SEO audit, we were able to design a plan suited to the client’s niche, which involved working with the website to increase the competitiveness of the resource and working directly with the advertising account.

To optimize the website, we took a number of measures:

  • Did an “internal” website update. As a result of testing and bug-hunting, we created a completely new resource structure, deleted duplicate pages and meta-data, deleted pages with redirects or errors, updated the site map and technical components to call out to search bots.
  • Revamped usability. A completely redesigned semantic kernel made it possible to embed and delete pages, add new meta-data and prepare selling, relevant texts with SEO elements.
  • Performed an “external” web resource update. In order for the website not only to be liked by search engines, but also to surpass the resources of the competitors, we developed an anchor list, built up the external link mass, placed working links after competitors from scratch.

In addition, we uploaded up-to-date information about the customer’s outlets.

How we increased the number of orders for a medical equipment store by 48%Further, we completely “redrew” advertising campaigns everywhere for the importer:

  • Optimized the geography of advertising: developed separate campaigns for each region where offline stores were located.
  • Configured auto-correction of bids for various parameters.
  • Completely updated the semantic kernel and sorted out negative keywords.
  • Updated AC taking into account associated transactions.
  • We created a campaign in Google Shopping, split into categories of goods that were most significant for the business.
  • Implemented banner and video advertising taking into account interests of the audience.

This way we got rid of users who just wasted the budget with worthless clicks – comprising 27%, as it turned out. At the same time, we increased targeted traffic by 38%, which ensured us the growth of orders both in SEO and in context.

As a result, the volume of revenue increased by more than 48% in just 4 months with a decrease in transaction costs by 40.06%. See for yourself:

How we increased the number of orders for a medical equipment store by 48%


Do you need optimization of advertising campaigns?

How often have you seen perfection? Never? We know why!

Optimization is important and necessary even when everything seems normal. But the competitive environment changes all the time: your business neighbors are working; your customers are learning and making choices every day. Even mathematical models for calculating the cost of advertising regularly change: if you don’t fit what you need into the budget, you lose customers and traffic or you simply blow money away.

Want to know how effective your ad campaigns are and how you can improve them? We are ready to audit your online business! Seek advice and get truly expert advice and experience-based help.


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    How we increased the number of orders for a medical equipment store by 48%
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    How we increased the number of orders for a medical equipment store by 48%
    How we increased the number of orders for a medical equipment store by 48%