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Promotion of a car dealership is a serious and complex task, and not all full-time marketers and their contractors cope with it.

How the majority of car dealers are promoting themselves on the Internet – we will tell you later in our article and after that we will show how we will realize this task. Enjoy reading:

The algorithm of actions is as simple as three pennies:

  • For analytics they take a site, in the best case, install and configure GTM, Google Analytics, a Facebook pixel, connect Call Tracking, and then in 75% of cases this does not happen.
  • For contextual advertisingthey will parse the semantics for contextual advertising (using a purely one parsing tool), unmine and ungroup it, write a few ads, add extensions and upload it all to the advertising account. Perhaps they will also set up banner and video advertising (with one option for a banner or video) according to the standard interests that are in the arsenal of Google. Well, they’ll set up remarketing for all visitors to the site.
  • For SEO car dealership promotions in most cases do a surface audit and give out a bunch of those tasks for the programmer, without a detailed description and explanation of what’s happening and why. This all stretches the project implementation process for months. Next, they will collect semantics, write meta tags and H1-H6 headers on the current pages of the site. They will write a bunch of content that is useless to anyone, purchase an external link mass, mostly leased well, that’s all globally … Well, maybe they’ll set it up to change the structure of the site, which is rarely realized again …
  • Targeted Ads we are witnessing the same chaos: we are setting up ads according to standard interests without segmenting the target audience and A / B tests of creatives, remarketing to all visitors to the site.
  • For SMM in the posts do not adhere to a uniform design style, content is posted chaotically, the structure of posts, etc. is not respected …
  • Email Marketing, it’s still more tragic here. Globally, it is really handled by units of car dealers, but this is a great way to remind you of promotions, new lending conditions, the need to undergo maintenance, new accessories and much more …
  • Car dealership sites. If expressed without jargon, it is better to remain silent. On this topic, you generally need to write a separate article. In short: most of them simply do not correspond to modern marketing trends.

And now add to this the lack of quick feedback from car dealership managers in the same banal online chats, instant messengers over the phone, etc. – and get just a picture in oil:

prodvigenie avtosalona_1

Unfortunately, this picture is observed not only in the promotion of car dealerships, but also in most areas of activity.

What is systemic, integrated Internet marketing in promoting a car dealership based on numbers?

This is, first of all:

  • Working out the positioning of a particular car dealership, business model and business goals.
  • Carrying out a marketing audit of a car dealership, identifying problems and solutions (strategy, site, sources of attracting an audience).
  • Understanding which KPIs you need to achieve is a fulcrum. Remember the words of Archimedes of Syracuse: “Give me a fulcrum, and I will move the Earth!”
  • Market research, demand, seasonality, purchasing power.
  • The construction of numerous portraits of the target audience and its thorough segmentation.
  • Constructing various variations of customer paths.
  • A detailed analysis of competitors on dozens of points.
  • Media planning, which includes a set of miscalculations of predicted KPIs.
  • Building a marketing strategy with a detailed description of the interconnected algorithm of all traffic sources.
  • Setting up end-to-end analytics – because we need to understand how and how to measure the results and how much the project is going in the right direction.
  • Selection of a qualified team for the implementation of the project.
  • Building an operational plan and payback forecast.
  • Project implementation.

prodvigenie avtosalona_2

Meet by clothes – escorted by the mind. Clothing is your site, ways to promote it. The mind is your product and level of service.

  • If you want your site to comply with current trends – keep it up-to-date and keep it up-to-date!
  • Want to attract customers? – Engage in complex, not chaotic marketing!
  • Want to be well-spoken about? – Offer a good product and high level service!

This all takes time and, moreover, not small, but without this there simply will not be the desired result. You will continue to fight hysterically in search of a new marketer or contractor, run like a squirrel in a wheel, trying to break this vicious circle, fill up the bumps until you come to understand the importance of implementing a systematic approach to Internet marketing. But will you not feel sorry for the wasted time and money, huh?

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