According to statistics, every day one user receives about 50-70 emails of various topics, most of which are spam. Many people confuse email marketing with regular mailing, so they skim through the mail, paying attention only to the headers, and then send them to the trash. But few people know that email marketing is an effective web marketing tool, which is the best way to advertise and transmit information on the Internet. Let’s consider what benefits it brings for promotion and how to properly organize a mailing list for your business.

What is email marketing?

Email or as it is also called e-mail marketing helps to build competent and direct communication between the company and its potential customers. The mailing is carried out to addresses that have already been previously added to the database with the user’s consent. This will help retain existing customers and return those who have not left orders for a long time. E-mail marketing has no restrictions on the type of activity and is suitable for advertising absolutely any product or service. For many companies, email marketing is an effective way to compete for market segment. And in case your competitor is not engaged in email marketing or does not use it to its fullest, you will benefit. Email marketing is a strategic tool in the battle for a niche market.

Do not confuse email newsletters with spam that users are so tired of. Spam is an intrusive and practically useless mailing list, the purpose of which is to advertise goods or services for which no consent has been given. Advertising promotion with email marketing is a well-thought-out strategy, and mailing will be an important part of it. She has an ultimate goal – to attract a potential customer to the site where he makes a purchase.

Benefits of email marketing for business development

Using mailings, you can convert your target audience into real customers who are ready to buy a product or service right now. The tool opens up a number of new opportunities for business development:

  • preparation for the real action of subscribers (leave a comment, put a like, go to the site using the desired link, place an order);
  • interaction with each client of the company;
  • segmenting your subscriber base;
  • attracting loyal but inactive customers;
  • the ability to interest the target audience, as well as acquaint it with the product, brand;
  • growth of sales, both primary and secondary, thanks to personal offers to their customers;
  • automation of the received sales funnels;
  • cost savings due to the absence of the need for additional advertising;
  • segmentation of a specific target audience;
  • an increase of 20-40% in the customer base, including new ones, this is possible thanks to word of mouth, as well as recommendations from recipients of mailing letters;
  • establishing more trusting relationships with clients.

Email marketing is suitable for both B2B and B2C projects, you just need to choose a strategy that suits your target audience, your business model. In each of the following types of business, you can build email marketing for the monetization model that is present in these projects:

  • online stores;
  • corporate sites;
  • SaaS services that are paid for for a certain period for use;
  • various thematic projects.

Email marketing pays off quickly and does not require any complex technical solutions from the company. At all stages of the mailing process, you can control the process. Plus you get quick results at a low cost. Such online business promotion makes it possible to work with a large number of target audience clients with minimal effort. In addition, a large number of programs have been created, such as JustClick, UniSender, GetResponse, and others. They will help automate the process and save you valuable time.

What types of mailings are there?

Distinguish between manual and triggered or automatic email newsletters. For a manual look, each letter is typeset by a marketer, the information guide, strategy, and audience segment are carefully thought out. Triggered messages are pre-prepared messages that are sent automatically based on user action or inaction. Often they contain dynamic content in the letter (something that changes is personalized for each user, depending on the action performed). Let’s consider in detail each of these types.

Manual mailings include promotions and newsletters. It is important to combine and alternate different types of emails in order to maintain interest and attracted audiences, while not overusing constant discounts and promotional codes. At first glance, this strategy is justified: we give a discount, and that’s all our subscribers need. But over time, the audience will begin to wither away, the percentage of letters read will fall, and the purchasing power will decrease.

Triggered mailings include the following types:

  1. Basic: confirmation of subscription, abandoned viewing, auto-activation and others.
  2. Service or transactional: the order is placed, paid, canceled; conducting a survey, please leave a review and a promotional code for your next purchase.
  3. Custom: reaction to negative feedback; price reduction message; a message that the product has appeared in stock; any event on the site.

Working with an email channel is necessary for everyone who wants to push users to buy, to be in touch with the client and pay a very low price for contact.

How is email marketing better than other tools?

Email marketing is the most effective as well as profitable compared to other internet marketing methods. There are many objective reasons for this:

  • You don’t need any special skills or education to start a mailing list, time consuming. On the other hand, it is important to learn some of the nuances of internet marketing in order to properly interact with the target audience.
  • Success will depend on the correct contact with potential customers, and hence the level of sales, reputation, brand awareness. The mailing list helps to understand the specific needs of your target audience, to offer them not only interesting, but also the most useful content. While the banner, the flyers are more informative in nature.
  • Convenient feedback. It is also important to take into account customer feedback, this will help optimize the company’s activities in the future. It is enough just to ask the client in a letter to evaluate a particular product or service, to leave a short review. Such initiatives will stimulate fruitful interaction.
  • Immediately after sending letters, you can track the result. You can study how many people not only opened, but also read this or that letter, as well as the number of clicks on internal links and other statistics. Based on the data obtained, existing problems can be corrected and optimized in the future.
  • Even if emails were sent in bulk, they can be personalized, which increases the value for the client several times. This mechanism works very simply. You need to add your appeal and a specific question to the existing subscription form, indicating the answer options. After choosing the appropriate option, an address book will be created with preferences and wishes for users. In the future, you can segment your customer base. Interest groups are created based on all the data. These groups will continue to receive mailings with personal content, the necessary offer.

If a mistake or inaccuracy was made during mailing, it can be corrected without any problems and the letter sent. For example, already in the next letter, you can offer a discount to customers or bonuses for the next purchase. Email marketing is also financially profitable and can help you save money on advertising and spend it in other areas.

Conditions and algorithm for launching email marketing

For email marketing to give a good, tangible result, there must be a contact base of at least 5-10 thousand users. Such a channel is capable of generating more sales.

The base must be actually assembled, that is, not purchased. Otherwise, the result will be zero. Moreover, there will be problems with the rating of the domain, letters will fly to the “Spam” folder.

Step-by-step algorithm for starting email marketing from scratch:

  • Start by answering simple questions: What type of business do you have? what is the target audience? what is the purpose of the mailings? The goal can be not only income, but also branding, more subscriptions. When you clearly understand the goal, you will be able to build a better strategy.
  • Conduct an audit of competitors’ email marketing. You can analyze 7-10 competitors, evaluate their emails, methods of collecting contacts, setting up triggers, identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a strategy (frequency, segments, day and exact time of mailings).
  • Choose a service, create an account and create a corporate mail.
  • Technically adjust all parameters.
  • Download the contact database to the service, form groups (contacts must be collected through subscription forms, orders, registration or questionnaires).
  • Make all the necessary settings, depending on the service.
  • Prepare hand letter templates (promo, info, digest, etc.).

There are a number of other nuances that you need to pay attention to. For example, if you have not done mailings before, you need a “check of connection”, if you have done mailings before, but stopped, you need “reactivation”. It is also important to constantly analyze mailings, search for strengths and weaknesses.

Letter design rules

Feedback requires not only good content, but also high-quality design. The necessary accents will help to place the correct combination of colors, low density of the content of the graphic elements. For mailing, the letter design will be of high quality if you follow these simple rules:

  • The combination of colors should be more consistent with the design of the site itself, as well as its pages.
  • Against the background of the general, you need to highlight the calls themselves to perform a certain action (these are buttons, anchor links).
  • The font should be readable, and the formatting should be of high quality, so as not to discourage customers from reading.
  • To make the text easy to read, there should be no more than six lines per paragraph, and up to seven words per line. The text must contain at least one list.

Thanks to mass mailings, the text is edited only once, there is no need to correct each letter. The key to the success of trust marketing will be an individual approach to each client.

How to do analytics and segment the market

For high-quality analytics, you can implement mail analytics systems, for example, such as Google analytics or specialized services. You need to monitor the number of people who come to your site for certain links indicated in the letters. This indicator needs to be increased.

You can test and send emails with different designs and at different times, days of the week for different groups of subscribers. After that, you can analyze in which of the groups the indicators will be better. You can see on which dates there were the most subscribers and what kind of events led to this. In statistics, the following indicators are also important:

  • delivery of letters;
  • opening letters;
  • clicks on links;
  • unsubscribe;
  • spam complaints.

You can additionally ask in the questionnaire what is interesting to users. The behavioral factor is also taken into account: how often your goods or services are bought, how much time users spend on your site. It will not be superfluous to find out gender, age, marital status, date of birth and other indicators.

What mistakes are made and how to avoid them?

Mailings do not always give the desired result. The reason for this is a poorly organized process. There are a number of certain mistakes that prevent email marketing from achieving your business goals. First of all, this is the lack of a specific strategy. Most importantly, you need to decide on an action plan, set current as well as long-term goals. It is also important to foresee the actions of the subscriber, study analytics, and prepare really selling content. This will help determine the target audience. At the final stage, an audit of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign is performed. If at least one point of the procedure is missing, then the expediency of promotion is minimized.

To prevent the necessary mailing from turning into ordinary spam, which no one pays attention to, you need to send letters only to those users who have consented to the mailing. Each client is a value for the company, so his opinion is important. He must be interested in a particular product or service. This will help convert regular users into real buyers. You should also pay attention to the following features:

  • The mailing should be carried out strictly according to the plan so that there is consistency, this will not allow the client to forget about the products and the brand itself. In this case, you should not go too far and be too intrusive. The newsletter should take into account the wishes of everyone.
  • All the logic of the written chains must be clearly thought out. You can create a segmentation diagram, create pages and a departure schedule for specific letters.
  • The letter should not be purely advertising. This can form a negative image of the product itself in the mind of the buyer. The content should be useful, arouse the user’s interest.
  • There should be a well-thought-out segmentation of the general customer base according to such parameters as interests, paying capacity, and others. This will help you create an interesting ad offer.
  • It is good if the newsletter will provide for the implementation of certain actions: put an additional like, leave a review on the site, add a comment, etc. For this, anchor links are used, buttons to go to the required page.
  • Email should be well optimized for different devices. After opening, the letter should be qualitatively reflected on any screen.

It is necessary to leave the opportunity to unsubscribe from the mailing list, users should always have the right to choose. It is necessary to use the format not “buy-buy”, but “give-give”. This will help you find out who our client is and what exactly bothers him. You can supplement the letter with links to useful articles, videos, life hacks. All this will help create a trusting contact with the client, which means selling more and easier.

To influence the purchase, you do not need to call every day, there is a separate tool – a series of letters related to the “welcome” group. These are short letters in which you need to tell the client about useful things, competitive advantages, guarantees and other important points. After that, at least you will be remembered and distinguished from all.

Trust professionals to carry out work

It is difficult to imagine modern complex promotion without email marketing. It is a flexible tool with which you can interact more closely with clients, and analyze the results. There are many subtleties to how email marketing works. It is impossible to take them into account on your own. As our many years of experience and practice show, it is quite possible to achieve the required results in most cases in just three to four months of work. The main project is to entrust competent marketers.

Our experts will help you open up opportunities for your business and achieve your goals. A systematic approach to work is based on many years of experience and training from the leaders of the IT market. Thanks to a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, the preferences of the target audience, we will help you create customized email marketing options. Based on the results of the work performed, a detailed report with recommendations is provided. Exceptionally positive feedback from satisfied customers is the best reward that motivates us to be better.

You can order all the necessary services for complex online business promotion from us. The saved personal time and financial resources can be safely spent on business development and translating your plans and strategies into reality. To start developing your email channel right now, you just need to call us or order a free consultation on the website.