Online promotion in the b2b market includes many tools that allow you to build long-term relationships with business partners. Considering the fact that the cost of advertising is constantly growing, it is important to increase the LTV of each client so as not to waste the advertising budget. In this article, we will take a look at various b2b website promotion tools. The information is intended for company leaders and provides an overview of the effectiveness of each individual marketing action. We do not aim to educate marketers, so we do not dive into technical issues. It is more important for the manager to know the effectiveness and features of the use of each lead generation channel, and the professional settings will be made by an expert from the marketing department.

The main ways to attract customers to the b2b website

We take foreign research and analytics as the basis for prioritizing traffic attraction methods. Note that other strategies are used for the b2b segment, in contrast to sales in b2c.

So, let’s look at the main channels for promoting a b2b business:

SEO site optimization allows you to raise a site in organic search without additional costs for contextual advertising. The method works for the long term, does not give an instant effect, requires the work of a team of specialists and constant support of the site’s positions in search engines. It is important to contact trusted and reliable contractors who know how to work for the result. The second option is to hire such a specialist on the staff of the company. In addition, the copywriter will need to constantly write new texts for the site and preferably blog. The economic benefit is based on receiving orders for key queries, so it is important to correctly compose the semantic core and select keywords. In this matter, we recommend that you connect your experts to content marketing, who will suggest the specifics of the wording of requests and specific terms that professionals use.

Email marketing works with an existing customer base who have left their contact details. A convenient form of communication brings good results. Marketers usually connect the mailing of new price lists, promotional offers and company news. It is important not to send your newsletter too often, so as not to annoy customers. Works well for all areas of business. In order to motivate customers to leave their contacts, they usually use attractive subscription bonuses. For example, you can offer to download a free overview of your company’s products, a checklist for consultations, or subscribe to promotional offers.

SMM increases advertising efficiency every year. Millions of readers are simultaneously on social networks, so the target audience for any area of ​​business is concentrated here. Direct advertising on social networks is not so actively perceived now, as people get tired of intrusive offers. More sophisticated methods of building relationships with clients come to the rescue. For example, selling storytelling helps convey the value of your product or service in the form of dialogue or engaging storytelling. An experienced copywriter – a master of storytelling knows how to work through and remove objections that arise from readers. Business storytelling easily penetrates conscious barriers and is widely used in online business. If you are confused by this method applied to the B2B segment, then you should not forget that TOP managers and business owners are also people, so they are not alien to emotions and lively reactions. In any case, the decision on cooperation is made by a person, not a robot.

Exhibitions allow you to gather the target audience in one place at a specific time. This method of promoting B2B business works great, however, during the quarantine period, its effectiveness may decrease. When participating in exhibitions, it is important to properly prepare a stand, decorate it effectively, and provide promotional materials. The training of managers and their communication skills give good results, since personal contacts are easily established in live communication. Do not forget to conduct a marketing analysis of your colleagues and competitors at the exhibition, take their advertising materials and price lists. Be sure to include information about your products and services in the catalog of exhibitors, as these collections go to customers and consumers.

Telemarketing allows you to conduct sales over the phone, without personal meetings with customers. Telephony tools now allow you to record and control the negotiations of managers, analyze scripts of negotiations and evaluate the results of communication. In addition, you can save on leases and equipment for retail space by organizing telephone sales.

Direct mail should be well prepared so as not to be intrusive and annoying. It is important to understand the needs of customers in order to meet their needs. Another difficulty for its organization is getting contacts of decision makers and business owners, since most often mail falls into the hands of an office manager.

A corporate blog in B2B business is not an entertainment page with photos. In this format, you can broadcast corporate values, demonstrate the organization of the company’s internal processes. Psychologically, the interest in a corporate blog is due to the fact that many clients would like to look behind the scenes of your business. Also, professional blog articles demonstrate the expertise of your company’s specialists and form trusting relationships with consumers.

Contextual advertising gives the fastest sales, since it is included in the work immediately after moderation. For a new website, this is the most effective way to attract customers and start making sales. However, when setting up contextual advertising, you should control the cost of attracting a client so that expenses do not exceed the profit from the sale of goods / services.

Traditional advertising remains relevant. It will help if your business is offline and focuses on a specific region. This includes all types of outdoor advertising, as well as the use of radio and television. Outdoor advertising should be located in the line of sight of motorists on the road, and not behind trees or obstacles. When ordering TV / radio advertising, you should take into account the release time and target audience of the media channel.

Features of online promotion

For a corporate website and other brand attributes, it is useful to order a brand book in which the designer will describe in detail all the elements. It is necessary to design the website and letterheads in the same style. The same applies to business cards, letter designs, and sales offers. An experienced designer, when developing a corporate identity, always takes into account the psychology of color and the corresponding associations of the target audience. All brand attributes must evoke certain emotions. For example, for a children’s project it is a joy, for a legal one – reliability.

The layout of the site must be correctly displayed on computers and all mobile devices and be mobile-friendly, since many people use tablets and smartphones. You should also provide for convenient forms for ordering a callback and communication in instant messengers.

Many clients, before placing an order or concluding a contract, study reviews about your company or ask for case studies. It will be useful to immediately provide for such sections on the site so that information is given in a convenient form. You should not write fake reviews, as this harms the image of your business. Customer written testimonials on letterhead or video testimonials increase credibility. You can also place logos of partner companies and clients to highlight the high level of your business. Correlate all the data that you give on the site with the real situation in the market and in your niche. For example, if your business is 3 months old, and you indicate well-known brands with a worldwide reputation, then this will play against you, as it will cause distrust. For small local businesses, a list of regional and recognizable brands will look good on the site.

Be sure to check the information on the “contacts” page – working phone numbers, e-mail, instant messengers and other details must be indicated. A location map will help clients find your office and highlight your openness. Do not forget that there may be customers who came to the site after hours, and they cannot be lost. For such a case, there are callback order forms or an online consultant.

Modern B2B Sales Techniques

The main task in advertising and marketing is to show your expertise as specialists in your industry. Deliver knowledge and value through all communication channels to reach the maximum customer flow. Your site is a one-stop virtual seller that works 24 hours a day. Do not spare the means for developing the design and functionality of the site, preparing photo / video materials and text content. By these parameters, site visitors will rate you as a business partner.