There are different opinions on exactly when to start developing your own resource:

when the business is already stable and it is necessary to master new audiences on the Internet;
when the company is just entering the market and you need to get the maximum coverage of potential customers;
when a new product is planned and there are many more different versions.

It doesn’t matter for what reason you decided to create a platform on the Internet. It is important to understand where to start?

At the very first stage, you need to determine for yourself:

What business goals will we achieve?
What target audience will be interested in the resource.
What needs to be done to implement a technically correct and online promotion of your platform.

Let’s try to understand each item separately.

The most basic and obvious goal is that the site must be profitable.

If a few years ago it was enough to find a developer (of which there are many freelancers), choose and pay for a domain name and hosting, add a couple of pictures and texts and you can make money online, now it is more and more difficult.

The digital market is developing so rapidly that it is important to constantly keep your finger on the pulse. The main thing to remember is that the site is being developed not for a short time, but for the future. The site must be ready and adapted to the realities of the Internet market and make a profit for more than one year.

Therefore, the wishes for the finished product should be approached responsibly.

The most common initial customer requirements are:

“I like the competitors, we want the same”
“Colors 1, 2, 3 suit us. Combine them to make it beautiful”
“Time is short, we need to do it quickly so that we have time to start by the season”
What to do and who to run to?

There is a misconception that with the help of their employees (they know everything: the product, the audience, the pain of customers, competitors, etc.), everything can be done better and better than attracting someone from outside. How can they do well if they don’t know our business as thoroughly as we do?

But this opinion very often led and, unfortunately, leads to the draining of the development budget, deadlines and its low technical readiness for promotion.

So we come to the main idea of ​​this block – you need to attract an SEO specialist.

Why is this optimization necessary?

Because when developing a site focused on long-term profitability, it is necessary to apply long-term planning, which SEO provides.

It is more expedient to evaluate the niche, competitors and external space of the future site at the preparatory stage before writing the code, than then, after the completion of technical work, to analyze and make changes. This will save you a lot of time and money.

It is also necessary to determine the target audience of the resource, since many companies are 99% sure that they thoroughly know their target audience niche. A long time in the market, the use of various offline marketing tools, a scrupulous and thorough analysis of the database and work with it can play a cruel joke when it comes to promoting a business on the Internet.

The online market has significant differences from the offline market! This has long been a proven truth.

When a company first enters the market, it also faces the fact that it is not completely sure of the correct choice of its audience. Who will be interested in the new resource?

This question is also answered by an SEO specialist at the development stage.

Only a person with such expertise can correctly assess a niche, issue primary recommendations for usability, based on an analysis of competitors’ weaknesses – issue recommendations for the implementation of features and competitive advantages; develop a structure and issue a detailed TOR for implementation.

What to do to make the site technically correct and ready for online promotion?

From all of the above, it already becomes clear that it is important to involve the SEO promotion team at the preparatory stage before starting the programming.

What the client will get:


This block of work includes analysis of business, competitors, market trends, taking into account trends by seasonality and other factors influencing traffic volume and profits.

Well-developed structure

Building a unique hierarchy and nesting of the resource, based on the requirements of internal optimization and usability recommendations.

Formation of the semantic core

Having a formed and agreed structure of the future site, the specialist starts collecting key search queries, phrases, morphological phrases, which will be used for further promotion.

Collecting the core at this stage allows you to carry out all the preparatory work until the full technical implementation of the site.

Based on the collected semantics, technical specifications are formed for writing texts.

Carrying out this work before the delivery of the project will significantly speed up its progress, because all these filling tasks can be performed in parallel with the development.

It is recommended to open the site for indexing only if it contains unique content and is fully prepared according to technical criteria.

In this scenario, all information instantly enters the index and this allows you to immediately take good positions in the search results. The more the resource is filled and the more thoroughly the main categories are worked out, the easier it will be to promote it and attract traffic.

Preparing a content plan

An important point in promotion, as written above, is the presence of unique texts on the site.

Every year search engines launch more and more algorithms for indexing and evaluating. And the requirements for texts and content are constantly increasing.

Therefore, the prepared plan for writing new texts will greatly simplify the preparation of the resource for the TOP positions of search engines.

Technical requirements

In order to be profitable, a new tool must meet the requirements of search engines, be “better” and more convenient than the competition.

It is necessary to take into account all the technical features at the start of the design in order to immediately release a product that is optimized internally and is ready for promotion.

After carrying out all the research and analysis of the information, the specialist prepares a detailed technical specification for technical work, and also provides advice throughout the entire process of introducing changes.

Phased work and results:

Business and niche analysis. An understanding is formed who your consumer is, what region to target, which leads to a purchase decision, how to increase the average check. The position of the site in relation to other niche players, the volume of its link mass, the coverage of search queries,% of organic traffic are determined. An assessment of the dynamics of the purchase of external links, content, a detailed analysis of the structures of competitors’ resources and a list of competitive advantages (capture forms, blocks, chatbots, etc.) are analyzed. Clearly articulated business goals are defined.
The backbone of the future site is being worked out. The specialist evaluates the structure, content, key queries of competitors’ sites, uploads information on the request in the search network. Next, an architecture is formed, semantics are distributed over it, a metadata template is compiled.
When everything is ready, you can start creating a technical task for writing texts, which include grouping words, selecting LSI queries, and technical requirements.
Preparing SEO requirements for the developer. At this stage, after all the audits and assignments have been carried out, the preparation of tasks for programmers begins. Throughout the work, there is an informational support by an SEO specialist. After everything is done, the specialist checks the correctness of the implementation, conducts a short audit before opening to the index.
The final stage of work is the preparation of a promotion strategy for 6 months. At this time, the KPI of the project is determined, the traffic forecast and the budget for external optimization are estimated.

What is the essence of website optimization at the development stage?

If you connect an SEO promotion specialist to the project at the stage before starting the program work, then:

You won’t be charged twice. Everything will be taken into account and implemented, there will be no need to spend additional funds on the implementation of edits and improvements related to the features of organic promotion.
The option of getting banned or the search engine filter is excluded due to non-uniqueness / lack of content.
From the first day of indexing, the site will be ranked and make a profit.

If you plan to develop a website, then contact our managers and we will advise you on all SEO issues of interest at the development stage.