Car dealership promotion case

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The client asked to set up an advertising campaign for the Car Dealer. The showroom featured: cars, crossovers, SUVs, pickups, vans and hybrids

Source or channel Users Bounce rate Pages / session Wednesday session duration The cost Goal conversion rate Registration at TD Price per
google / cpc 5254 69.15% 1.93 87.71 16276 3.21% 231 70.5

What was done:

  • TK issued for editing the site in order to increase sales and improve the site for users;
  • Analytics counters are installed, tracking of all necessary conversions is configured;
  • Call Tracking system introduced;
  • Configured automatic reporting and integration with Google Analytics;
  • Integration with the client’s CRM system has been configured;
  • The client’s portrait has been worked out;
  • A promotion strategy has been worked out;
  • The analysis of competitors was carried out;
  • Market analysis carried out;
  • Calculated media plan for store promotion;
  • Collected semantic core;
  • Added a lot of negative words;
  • Selling text ads are written;
  • Added all ad extensions;
  • Configured dynamic search ads;
  • Configured KMS, Gmail advertising;
  • Tuned YouTube ads;
  • Added new TOP contextual advertising tools;
  • Customized lists of audiences;
  • Remarketing is well developed;
  • Implemented secret campaigns with a pay-per-transaction feature, not just clicks.

What results were achieved:

  • Average CPC: UAH 1.01
  • Records on TD: 231 pcs.
  • Price per conversion: 70.5 UAH
  • Advertising budget UAH 16276.

SEO promotion of a car dealership website:

  • Full technical optimization
  • Correcting texts
  • Usability development
  • Development of commercial ranking factors
  • External optimization
  • Bonding a trust
  • Finding the perfect snippet (CTR = 15%)

7 times traffic growth after 6 months of promotion

Was: about 70 users per day, Now: 370

Average conversion 4%

Additionally configured:

Targeted Facebook and Instagram ads

  • Coverage: 35589
  • Views: 47898
  • Lead forms: 89 pcs.
  • Video Views: 19,862
  • Budget: $ 832



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    Car dealership promotion case
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    Car dealership promotion case
    Car dealership promotion case