Car dealership promotion case


Average CPC
Records on technical diagnostics
Cost per conversion
Advertising budget

The client asked to set up an advertising campaign for the Car Dealer. The showroom featured: cars, crossovers, SUVs, pickups, vans and hybrids

Source or channel Users Bounce rate Pages / session Wednesday session duration The cost Goal conversion rate Registration at TD Price per
google / cpc 5254 69.15% 1.93 87.71 16276 3.21% 231 70.5

Car dealership promotion caseWhat was done:

  • TK issued for editing the site in order to increase sales and improve the site for users;
  • Analytics counters are installed, tracking of all necessary conversions is configured;
  • Call Tracking system introduced;
  • Configured automatic reporting and integration with Google Analytics;
  • Integration with the client’s CRM system has been configured;
  • The client’s portrait has been worked out;
  • A promotion strategy has been worked out;
  • The analysis of competitors was carried out;
  • Market analysis carried out;
  • Calculated media plan for store promotion;
  • Collected semantic core;
  • Added a lot of negative words;
  • Selling text ads are written;
  • Added all ad extensions;
  • Configured dynamic search ads;
  • Configured KMS, Gmail advertising;
  • Tuned YouTube ads;
  • Added new TOP contextual advertising tools;
  • Customized lists of audiences;
  • Remarketing is well developed;
  • Implemented secret campaigns with a pay-per-transaction feature, not just clicks.

What results were achieved:

  • Average CPC: UAH 1.01
  • Records on TD: 231 pcs.
  • Price per conversion: 70.5 UAH
  • Advertising budget UAH 16276.

Car dealership promotion caseSEO promotion of a car dealership website:

  • Full technical optimization
  • Correcting texts
  • Usability development
  • Development of commercial ranking factors
  • External optimization
  • Bonding a trust
  • Finding the perfect snippet (CTR = 15%)

7 times traffic growth after 6 months of promotion

Was: about 70 users per day, Now: 370

Average conversion 4%

Additionally configured:

Targeted Facebook and Instagram ads

  • Coverage: 35589
  • Views: 47898
  • Lead forms: 89 pcs.
  • Video Views: 19,862
  • Budget: $ 832

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    Car dealership promotion case
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    Car dealership promotion case
    Car dealership promotion case