The success of marketing campaigns in the direction of contextual advertising depends on many factors. When setting up ads manually in the Adwords or Direct system, many face a number of problems. Today I will try to reveal the most common questions and give real advice on how to overcome them.

Why do new campaigns have worse initial performance than old identical ones?

It’s no secret that one of the most visual ways to assess the effectiveness of your ad campaign is the CTR, that is, the ratio of impressions to clicks. CTR, in turn, is influenced by ad quality indicators and other important parameters, but it depends on the real results how much you have to spend on contextual advertising, how much you will receive from this income, and even what position your ad will occupy in the ranking of Google or Yandex. …

There are several methods for increasing CTR, and most of them are based on the analysis of previously collected statistics. Thus, the Adwords system makes a forecast of performance indicators based on historical indicators collected over the last 30 days. After that, the rating and cost of clicks are formed.

But what if the campaign has just started, and you cannot evaluate the statistics, there is no CTR data, it is difficult to evaluate the quality of the ad from outside, and under the same conditions, the new campaign is less effective than the one you launched earlier?


For an advertising campaign to be profitable and bring the expected expected result, you need to collect statistics with the maximum CTR as soon as possible. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to increase the context rate. As practice shows, an overpayment to the system per click will quickly pay off with a further opportunity to gain high loyalty from Google and Yandex, be at the top of the rating, and receive a lower fee for clicks.

Naturally, this is relevant if you optimize the quality and relevance of your ad in advance. After all, without accurate targeting and selection of keywords, the ad will not interest anyone.

Why can’t I see ads in the system?

When creating contextual advertising, you may encounter a situation when an ad is created, but you do not see it. It should be noted right away that this happens in two cases: either the ad is not published at all, or it is accepted, published and you get new traffic, but you still do not see your own ad.

Solution to the first problem

Before answering the question why the ad is not visible, the following points should be clarified:

  • Whether the payment for posting the ad has passed, whether the balance has run out.
  • What is the status of the ad. Perhaps it did not pass moderation and was not accepted for publication.
  • What is the daily budget. If the daily limit of impressions has been reached, then the ad will not be in search, even if there are funds on the balance.
  • Make sure you have chosen the correct keyword, time and geography of impressions.

Solving the second problem

There are times when you don’t see your ad, even though you see new traffic coming to your site and being charged per click. Most likely, you are faced with the following problems:

  • You are performing a search that does not match your targeting settings. You will not see an ad configured to run in Kiev if you are searching in Odessa. The situation is exactly the same with other criteria, for example, targeting by language, time of impressions, etc.
  • Your ad did not make it to the first search page. You can check its rating using the preview tool.
  • You have enabled even distribution of the budget throughout the day, or the system simply does not show ads again, thereby protecting against clicks.

The most common mistake

The key mistake of many beginners to work with contextual advertising of users is trying to control the position of the ad by requesting the same keyword in Google or Yandex search. Thus, you yourself reduce the CTR, so do not be surprised that over time the system will stop showing you your ads – it analyzes that it is not interesting to you and promotes other ads to the top.

You can “trick” the system by clearing the cookie, but it’s better to just use the provided preliminary control and diagnostics tool.

Why are extensions not showing?

The use of extensions plays an important role in improving the effectiveness of advertisements. In addition to visually improving ad visibility, extensions can add value to your ad. Well-configured sitelinks can increase your CTR by making it easier for users to interact with your ad.

5 reasons that can answer the question “why are extensions not shown?”:

  1. The ad has insufficient rating. To improve the chances of your extensions showing, you will need to increase your bid or edit metrics that affect the quality of your landing page and your ad.
  2. The extension is not accepted by the system. Few people know that links, like the ads themselves, are moderated and may be refused publication. You may need to make any changes to your PPC strategy.
  3. Low search position. Since the space in the contextual advertising block is limited, the ads below the TOP-1 in the SERP may be displayed with fewer extensions.
  4. Additional links do not correspond to the subject of the ad.
  5. There are other, more suitable extensions. The system independently decides which additional links to add. Perhaps your assets added more optimal quality and CTR links.

Therefore, we can conclude that for a full-fledged display of extensions, an ad must reach the top positions in the search results, it must have a high quality rating, and additional links must lead users to the corresponding pages.

How to run a successful campaign?

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