Each company or brand has a need to advertise and promote its products. What it will be – in each case, the solutions are different. You should not abandon traditional “paper” advertising or ignore the print media. Each information carrier has its own characteristics and advantages. A competent strategy will allow you to get the maximum effect with reasonable costs.

What are the advantages of working with an advertising agency

If you think that any student can do advertising, then you are wrong. Only a wide experience of advertising work will allow:

choose the advertising channels that are optimal for your business,
develop a market promotion strategy,
identify the needs of the main target audience,
to develop an expressive and unobtrusive design,
write clear, interesting and selling texts,
professionally launch contextual advertising for sites for key queries,
carry out a comprehensive seo-website promotion,
connect social networks and targeted advertising to work,
organize a YouTube channel, conduct online presentations, webinars, interviews,
analyze the cost of the application and the response for each type of advertising.

Agree, every element matters here.

What is an advertising agency and what services it offers

The full advertising cycle is an integrated approach to the development and implementation of the selected advertising strategy. What is included in the services of such an agency:

study of the target audience, its needs and values,
development of a promotion strategy,
selection of the most effective advertising methods,
logo making, naming,
design of corporate identity and brand book,
writing advertising slogans, texts, ads,
production of advertising products (photo, video, printing, web design),
maintaining social networks, business pages, groups,
creation and launch of contextual and targeted advertising,
collection of semantics and SEO-website promotion,
implementation of an advertising campaign on selected media (television, media, banners, leaflets, social networks, website, blogs, contextual and targeted advertising).
analysis of conversion and optimization of the promotion strategy.

How does the full cycle of advertising really work?

First of all, the product / service of the client is studied. Advertising agency employees are immersed in the customer’s business to understand the features, benefits and specifics of the project. Competitors, consumers, partners are also studied.

Based on the data obtained, a marketing strategy is developed, which takes into account the peculiarities of the promotion region, consumer habits, and the most popular advertising media.

Advertising agency employees connect a team of designers, creatives, copywriters, marketers who develop a set of advertising activities. A good effect is given by viral or hidden advertising, excluding direct exposure and aggressive sales.

Online marketing is a vast area of ​​expertise that requires a deep dive into new trends and tools. In addition to advertising, content marketing, seo promotion, reputation marketing, video marketing work well here.

Marketers choose the optimal distribution channels for information. It can also be various material carriers, which are determined individually. You understand that giving out discount coupons with advertising for women’s clothing near the metro will bring results, and the same action for production equipment is completely meaningless.

It is highly doubtful that one person is capable of working in all these positions, possessing such a huge set of competencies. Each employee of the agency has certain areas of activity, thoroughly studies and implements them. It is the team of specialists that guarantees the result that an amateur self-taught will never do.

Why does it make sense to contact an advertising agency?

Some company executives believe that it is enough to hire a couple of marketing and advertising specialists to solve the issues of complex website promotion.

For comparison, let’s analyze the main services of a full-cycle agency, in which for you:

develop the structure and design of the site,
perform programming and layout,
collect a semantic adro and carry out SEO-promotion of the site,
write and upload product / service descriptions,
develop competently contextual and targeted advertising in order to reach a maximum of customers with minimal costs,
organize reception of applications and calls,
carry out the necessary activities on the Internet (social networks, forums, blogs),
specialists will develop and produce all the necessary layouts, sketches, designs for outdoor / indoor advertising,
will write texts for booklets, ads, banners,
will shoot a video for TV and YouTube channel,
will select advertising channels and buy space, perform installation and installation of banners,
process and analyze the results of marketing actions in order to select the most effective work channels.

Considering that advertising agency specialists have more experience than ordinary marketers, you shouldn’t forget about databases. It is in the agency that the sources of contacts of contractors in this industry, which have been accumulating over the years, are concentrated. You don’t have to deal with unnecessary freelancers who disappear at the time of site delivery, or with finding a designer to design a logo.

Benefits of working with an advertising agency

Of course, any entrepreneur and business leader evaluates their benefits from working with contractors. This is what the full cycle of work gives:

an integrated approach to the development of a marketing strategy, creative ideas and their implementation.
reliable performance of all tasks for creating a website and promoting it,
attracting leads with minimal costs for contextual and targeted advertising,
organizing the presence of your company in social networks, online catalogs and other Internet resources,
profitable interaction with online, print and media media, which will ensure maximum coverage of the target audience.
the ability to order all the necessary services from one company, without contacting different contractors.
minimization of time spent on advertising and promoting your product.
well-coordinated work of a team of professionals who understand and complement each other well.

How to choose an advertising agency

First of all, define the tasks that you want to solve in order to correctly set the goal of cooperation. A good ad agency should have experience in your industry or similar lines of business. Also pay attention to these indicators:

the quality of the company’s website,
duration of work in the advertising market,
number and specialization of employees,
availability of specialized specialists to perform specific tasks,
cases, portfolios, recommendations and reviews.

In fact, an advertising agency is a complex solution to the problem of promoting your business both online and offline.