Which way to popularize the site to choose?

In order to choose the most acceptable method for your site, you must have a good understanding of the principle of each operation in order to weigh the pros and cons.

Contextual advertising is pop-up ads that appear on Google and Yandex pages after entering a corresponding request – a key

words or phrases. Payment for this type of advertising is charged per click.

The context will effectively increase sales in the shortest possible time, familiarize users with the new brand, report on profitable promotions and other great offers.

Seo optimization is the promotion of a web resource in search engines to the first positions in the natural results of Google and Yandex. Suitable for those who are not in a hurry in the process of attracting a client base, provides good traffic.

Which is more profitable, contextual advertising or SEO?

This issue is controversial, since both types are very effective, but they have significant differences:

Traffic: SEO will attract a lot more visitors to your site. But bigger is not always better. As a rule, by clicking on an ad link, users are much more likely to become real customers than those who chose you from the Google list.

Controllability: SEO – optimization is practically uncontrollable, the optimizer can perform actions aimed at efficiency, but there are many things beyond its control that cannot be influenced: adjust the display region, add or remove words that often change their position in the top queries.

The context is completely manageable:

You can correct the text;
Select a region and time of impressions;
Set a budget;
Add, change and delete requests;
Choose negative keywords.

Result: Advertising starts working immediately after launch, but also stops working as soon as the balance is depleted. SEO will give results in about 3-4 months, but sometimes even after deleting the site.

Cost: Context is more expensive than SEO, but sometimes, to attract the same number of real customers, the amount of costs can be equal.

What if you ordered contextual advertising but did not receive the expected results?

Typically, the reasons for inefficiency are the result of poor quality work or lack of experience. You need to contact the specialists, and you will see how it works.

You can order effective contextual advertising and significantly increase site traffic and sales in the shortest possible time.