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At the moment in Denmark we have 1 vacancy:

PPC office of Full Time in Kharkov

Job description 

Shukaєmo PPC ах в р р Jun Jun Jun Junior +, Middle кий роз роз роз і і і пока пока на на д кра кра кра кра in the summer context. Clients in the main Ecom design and B2B company.  ppc

If you don’t look at it, don’t turn your light on our time.

Vimogi before candidates:

  • Knowledge of all tools and types of campaigns Google Ads and Yandex Direct;
  • Together with advertisements;
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika – Customize meti, search, prazuvati zvitami;
  • Knowledge and rozumіnnya ucoruvati be-yakі auditorii і praciuvati z them;
  • Together with powerful auditors, especially auditors, folding audits for remarketing;
  • Umіnnya put TK to the designer for a banner banner;
  • Umineny put TK programmer on vvadzhennya be any code GA, GTM, YM, Fb, the development of the commodity feed;
  • Umynny pratsyuvati z GTM;
  • Um_nnya pratsyuvati Google Optimize;
  • Together with your experiment;
  • Umіnnya pratsyuvati with scripts (I would like to insert a banal іvnі paste in the tbіbіnі mіstse і nalashtuvati);
  • Add storage in Google Data Studio or Power BI;
  • Together with special software;
  • Together conduct a competitive analysis;
  • Together with medical plans;
  • Add storage and constructively argue your contextual advertising strategy;
  • Together optimize all type of campaign;
  • Get along with the messy channel news and victories while optimizing ad campaigns;


  • respect,
  • view,
  • unconflicted,
  • punctuality,
  • strangeness;
  • vmіnnya pratsyuvati in the team,
  • systemic and unobtrusive pidd_d to virishenny zavdan.

What are you saying for your growth with us at once:

Comfortably wash robots 5 days a week from 9:00 to 18:00 in a warm and quiet office near the metro (Kiev district, metro Kharkiv) 
Pay your monthly wage.
I paid for it.
Comfortably shorter. Laptop + great monitor.
Accepted dіbnitsі (kava, tea, pechiva).
Participate in corporate parties.


Mi is beautifully rozumієmo shchto zhyttya – it is not only a little robot and I want, so that our sprobotniki blossomed all the time. To the extent that you show it, it’s not cool in words, but in words, then from the 3rd month you can discuss shortenings for a working day.

Mostly people with active livelihood, we can arrange deliveries, if you want to grow and develop, send your resume to the post office:

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