SEO promotion of HVAC equipment. Germany

Promotion Goals:SEO promotion of HVAC equipment. Germany

  • Website launch
  • Traffic increase
  • Organic sales growth

What has been done on internal and external optimization:

– Functional Testing
– Cross-browser test
– Speed ​​test

Technical optimization
– Finding and eliminating duplicate pages
– Finding and eliminating duplicate meta data
– Troubleshooting broken links
– Finding and resolving links with the wrong protocol
– Troubleshooting pages with a 5xx code
– Robots.txt file development
– Developing sitemap.xml
– Troubleshooting layout
– Correction of canonical tags, language, rules for robots
– Mirror Setup
– Creating Micro Markups

– Extending semantics-based structure
– Creating Correct Tagging

– Collecting an active semantic core
– Design and implementation of a meta data template
– Design and implementation of auto-text template
– Design and implementation of active elements
– Drafting TK for texts based on the Top 10 and Google trends
– Development of commercial ranking factors
– Building an internal link distribution
– Content plan

External Optimization
– Ancorlist compilation
– Competitor Link Profile Analysis
– Placement of links in the footsteps of competitors
– Link profile extension
– Glue trust
– Website authority glue
– Website age glue
– Analysis and cleaning of the reference profile

Individual work
– Preparation and implementation of an individual promotion plan


  • As a result of website promotion for half a year, traffic growth is 3.8 timesSEO promotion of HVAC equipment. Germany

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